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Re: I want to say I Love You to her

I was so close!
She loved the card and my gift and we had an amazing time together. I was so close to saying it but I just got so scared of her reaction and that'd it ruin the moment and my entire stay. I was going to say it on the last few moments so it wouldn't be too awkward but I had to leave pretty much immediately after me and her family got back from brunch and I had no time to say it.
I usually get scared when it comes to telling people stuff in person and I end up saying it over text (Not ideal but it's true)
When we both were starting to like each other, neither of us thought the other was interested. If it were not for me telling her after she go back over Facebook, none of this would have happened. She's like me in that she is always worried she'll mess something up. That's why I think she might feel the same but is scared to say anything as well.
I've come close to saying it over Facebook but I stop myself and say to myself that I'll do it next time I see her. I'm just so so scared that it'll freak her out. I also don't like doing anything with her that she doesn't enjoy as much as me and she might just be doing it to make me happy, I want her to enjoy it as well. This means I'll feel bad if I say I love you and she doesn't feel the same way.

In terms of what she feels, I think she might be on the same page as me. She has said she feels so happy with me and says I'm the nicest guy she knows, this amongst other things that she says that make me warm inside. She's visiting in two weeks at me house, I'm going to try and find a moment to say it. I'll do something else for her or I might try and express my feelings in a poem Smiley Happy

Do you have any advice on how I can become more confident about me saying it? I'm just so scared it'll make her awkward or make her feel bad that she doesn't feel the same Smiley Sad

Should I tell her at the start of the stay and if she says she feels the same, make the stay more enjoyable or should I wait til the end?

Re: I want to say I Love You to her

yay!!!!!! @drhalloween it's great to hear that she liked the gifts and seems you both had a very great time. Don't beat yourself too much about not saying it you'll have plenty more oppurtunities i'm sure of it!!! If it had to be said you wouldn't have been able to control yourself and it would've come out naturally. Try not to be scared, you really have nothing to be scared of you both seem to have strong feelings for one another and for all you know she might be feeling the exact same way and also scared to express it. What is the worse that could really happen? You have to take chances in life otherwise you'll never know. 

I love the idea of expressing your feelings in a poem, if you're not able to verbally say it a poem is a beautiful idea. 

In terms of confidence I think people are most confident when they are themselves and are 110% sure on how they feel. Don't worry about what she will think of you or scared that she doesn't feel the same at that point if you share your feelings any girl will appreciate the love and honesty. 


Good luck Smiley Happy

Re: I want to say I Love You to her


Just an update
Well I said it!
We were cuddling and I told her Smiley Happy

I was scared to try and make it a moment that wouldn't be too awkward but it just felt right and it came out during a conversation.
She said that it was really sweet and she was really flattered. I made sure she knew that she shouldn't pressured to feel the same and that I didn't expect her to feel the same and she understands Smiley Happy

She understood and said she needed some time to think. Later she said that she might be starting to feel similar and that it's been on her mind for a while

It was really nice to get it off my chest and I'm really happy with her reaction. Call me crazy, but the fact that she thinks she maybe getting the same feelings and that it's been on her mind means that soon she'll feel the same ^^

She says she is so happy with me and thinks I'm perfect and I feel the same with her

She's just so amazing and I can't stop thinking about her ^^ I feel so lucky

Thank you guys for advice, guys!

Re: I want to say I Love You to her

thanks for the update @drhalloween great news!!!!!! i'm glad you feel better now that you've told her how you feel and know how she is feeling aswell. It's very important to know where you stand in a relationship because it allows both the people to be comfortable and steady with the relationship. Wishing you all the best in your relationship Smiley Happy 

Re: I want to say I Love You to her


OKay it's been a while since I told you about what has ben going on.
So I told her that I loved her about a week ago. She responded pretty positively but had to process it. She said she was scared because the last person she said she loved, she got hurt badly, and while she knows I'm not him, it's pretty hard to get worried and I completely understa, being there myself.
Anyway, so I was getting worried that she was getting a bit scared until last night while we were on the phone, she said that she loved me Smiley Happy
I am so happy and still trying to process this, but I can't stop smiling Smiley Happy

Re: I want to say I Love You to her

Yay, good for you  @drhalloween !

So now that you are all loved up, would you advise others in the same boat to just take the plunge?

Re: I want to say I Love You to her

That sounds so amazing @drhalloween thank you so much for the update really brought up my mood! So glad you are in a good place enjoy it you deserve too, hope love is in the air for a long time!! 


Re: I want to say I Love You to her


Thank you Smiley Happy
I definetely would reccommend just going for it. While it is nerve racking and a very hard thing to do, you need your partner to know that you're honest. They should respect your feelings, even if they don't feel it as well. It can also help with them when they feel they feel the same, as they know that you won't freak out (that's what happened this time and the first time I asked her out, she probably have never said anything out of fear.)
The more you think about it, the more reasons that you shouldn't will come to mind, reasons that may make no sense. I found with asking her out and saying that I loved her, you just need to do it, and it may come out for the best like here Smiley Happy
A good relationship is based on trust and honesty and they should respect that.


P.S. if they don't feel the same, don't treat them any different, they want you the way you are and if you want them to feel the same, just act natural. If they are scared like my girlfriend was though (for her it was past experiences) just make sure you tell them you're there for them no matter what Smiley Happy