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Im a problem gambler ( emergency)

Hi ReachOut, 


I'm a problem gambler but not on commercial gambling like horses and other things like that or sport .


I gamble base on lifestyle examples include :


-I don't have necessarily strict schedule to my day nor calendar. (breaks and meal times)  


-I am inconsistent personality wise and tend to date someone outside my league.


-I have poor self discipline academically. 


-I do not follow up on plans especially study plans.


- Choosing to go overseas to study and be monetarily successful.   


While I was reflecting I think I may be causing my dad some stress financially but he tends to keep it to himself.


I wish to reduce his stress by completing my university course I think my childhood has something to do with this..  


In the mean time I would like to take one step to control my behaviour and be accountable on a practical level of my actions.


Right now. 


I have deleted my YouTube, Facebook and Instagram 

what other social media apps do I have to cut it down ? 


I'm am seeing a professional and will continue seeing them but at this point ill just have to ask her things I can do. What could I ask in my next session so they would best help me ?  


I need to know some self help books. Help me ASAP.


Mods these forum is helping me out. Help me big time here. 







Re: Im a problem gambler ( emergency)

Hey @BunnyWalks, it's great to hear that you're finding our forums helpful Smiley Happy. In terms of what social media apps you should also delete, I guess it depends on how much of a negative impact they have on your life. If you think they do have a negative impact, maybe you could delete them? Alternatively, you could choose to not delete them and instead restrict yourself to using social media for important purposes or when you have free time (e.g., taking a break from studying). What do you think?


It's also great to hear that you're currently seeing a professional Smiley Happy. To answer your question on what you could ask in your next session that would best help you, I guess there's no right or wrong way to do it. Do you have any ideas yet on how to approach this?


I don't know of any self-help books that I've read... but since you've mentioned that you're struggling with your study habits, we've got this article here that you might like to check out which may improve this. Do you reckon this might be helpful?

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