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Im so lonely

Hi. I'm so lonely. In school i have friends, but as soon as i'm at home no one seems to care about me. I have like 2 close friends that live near me but we don't hang out often. I just don't understand what's wrong with me and why people don't like me. How can i stop feeling so lonely, when i have no friends and will probably die alone?

Re: Im so lonely

Hi @imsolonely,


Welcome to Reach Out! Thanks for your post, it is very brave of you to write about how you're feeling. Loneliness is something I think most people have experienced at one time or another and can be super uncomfortable.


Can you tell us a bit more about the situation? It sounds as though you have some connections but maybe you're not feeling like they are quite enough? Have you told anyone else about how you're feeling?


You're not alone in your loneliness Smiley Happy There are a few members here who have at times felt the same way, myself included. I am going to tag some of them for their input too


@DruidChild @litgym @Bee @N1ghtW1ng


- Hayley R/O

Re: Im so lonely

hello and welcome @imsolonley and welcome

Lonliness can be quite challanging to manage cant it, im sorry that it seems no one cares. We care about you here. Do you think maybe you could try and message your 2 close friends and see if you can arrange some more time to hang out after school?

Would you be interested in making some friends outside of school as well? sometimes the libraries run groups that you could join in with like arts and crafts, technology groups, book and/or study groups or perhaps you could join in with a sporting team to help make some other friends as well?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Im so lonely

Hi @imsolonely


I know how that feels and it is soul crushing. I have slowly moved on for that, I think it's a negative way our brains think. I know my friends now care about me but they'll never message me first, that's just the way they are I guess. But I try to make the effort to message them just saying 'hey, what's up' and they'll reply with something stupid like 'the ceiling'. 


Have you ask them to hang out or are you waiting for them to ask you? There's nothing wrong with you, and why do you say they don't like you? What isn't there to like? 


Everyone feels content at different levels. Some people don't even feel lonely even when they are by themselves (those rare people out there), some just need the company of a pet animal while others need like a huge group for them not to feel lonely so it all depends. 


Maybe volunteer at a place you're interesting in? Or get a job at a place that's fun, like a rock climbing gym or a book store? Remember that even if we don't have friends now, it doesn't mean we won't ever have friends. 

Re: Im so lonely

Hi @imsolonely
I'm sorry to hear you have been feeling this way.
Can you tell me a bit more about your close friends?
When did these feelings of loneliness start?
I definitely feel lonely sometimes so I like to do things that make me happy to make myself feel a little bit better. For example I like to drink some tea and watch some Netflix. Is there anything you can do to self-care when you're feeling this way?