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In need for a good friend /bestie

I have had a lot of trouble finding friends that are not just in friendships for partying and fun and games I am all for all the above but I also need a friend that is honest reliable and kind understanding I have had a rough life and I do have moments when I am down however if surrounded by the right crowd I'm very outgoing bubbly and I'm very very soft hearted I love friends like my own family I will go to the extreme just to see my friend smile I'll never forget the special days to you and always there no matter what and make the time even when I'm flat out I just need a friend that is a proper friend 

Re: In need for a good friend /bestie

Hi @Corks, welcome to ReachOut!
I understand how you feel, sometimes it is so difficult to create emotionally-deep friendships. If you need someone to talk to or are just up for a chat, just let me know! I'm sure myself and the other lovely people on ReachOut would be happy to support and talk to you if you need us Smiley Happy

Re: In need for a good friend /bestie

Hi @Corks, I can I say that I'm also in the same boat, and understand what it feels like to not be able to connect to people. I definitely agree with @Sarah7714 - feel free to let us/ RO know when you need a chat 😊


Re: In need for a good friend /bestie

Hey @Corks. Welcome to Reach Out and good on you for seeing what's good for you and being able to acknowledge what is important. It can be tricky finding those good friends that aren't focused entirely on those parties (even though they can be fun!). 


I have found that joining a club or a sport team can help you to meet new and like-minded people. I went to a meet-up once and I met heaps of people that I consider to be friends /really nice aquantences who I can meet up with from time to time. 


Are you a part of any sport teams or volunteer groups? How would you feel about exploring ways to meet new people? 

Re: In need for a good friend /bestie

Hi Sarah yes I would like to chat but I'm finding this website very hard to use and I don't understand stand all that well

Re: In need for a good friend /bestie

Hi Corks,


I was and I guess still am in a similar situation to yourself in trying find good friends, but I did happen to make a bestie.  From what you have written it sounds like you have a good heart, a joy to be around and are a caring person. My advice to you is meet people in places and events you like to go to. Like others have mentioned, joining a club that sparks your interests like sports, comics etc. I will also admit that it does take time making friends and sometimes you will be hurt along the way, but keep at it! From what I have read you will definitely make friends, but not only that, you'll also make a great friend.




Re: In need for a good friend /bestie

@Corks If you are having any problems or need someone to talk to feel free to post on this thread, create a new one or join another thread and anyone online can reply to your post and talk you through it and/or offer support

Re: In need for a good friend /bestie

Hey @Corks Welcome to the forums!


From what it sounds like, you would make a wonderful friend and have a good heart. I like what the others said, perhaps joining a sports group or club. If you find someone with a similar interest it might be a good way to start a connection. What do you think about this?

Re: In need for a good friend /bestie



the above sums up everything i want out of a best friend too. I really want to remember those special moments too with a buddy. I try communicating that to some people that would like to do that stuff but brush me aside. If you want to know my bucket list it should be these are the things i would do with a great mate.

Re: In need for a good friend /bestie

Hey Marcus29, I just signed up to reply to you. I too am looking for a mate, would be good to have someone to message in the quiet times.

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