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Instagram Hiding Likes - Discussion

Instagram likes......Instagram likes......


You may have all seen that as of last week Australian Instagram users can no longer see the number of likes a post has. Users will now see a user name and "others like this". Users will still be able to see how many people have liked their posts.


Instagram has said the reason behind this change is that Instagram is a place for self expression, not competition. The change comes after growing reports into how social media affects our wellbeing. Many researchers suggest that the impact is negative, particularly when it comes to the mental health of young people using the platform. According to Hack, a recent study in the UK found that Instagram was the worst platform for the mental health of young people. Instagram said this recent update is specifically designed to combat this problem. 


Check out the best reactions to this change to Instagram likes here


Is this a good move by Instagram?


We would really love to hear your thoughts. 








Re: Instagram Hiding Likes - Discussion

Personally, I don't use Instagram, so I'm not affected by the change. I don't use it because I feel like it would have a negative effect on my mental health. There is a lot of pressure on it to have a fake life, look a certain way and try to get as many likes as possible. I think not being able to see the likes on other people's posts could discourage users from comparing themselves with others.

Re: Instagram Hiding Likes - Discussion

Interesting topic! 


I think it is probably a good move by Instagram. I don't personally care too much about likes now, but I was conscious of that sort of stuff when I was younger (Facebook though - Instagram wasn't around (or big) during my early teens). In saying that, I have some friends that will actually delete a post if it doesn't receive enough likes...


I think it'll be interesting to see what happens with the display of an account's followers in future. I'm curious about this because people are pretty conscious about the number of followers they have on Instagram... probably more-so than the amount of likes on their pictures? I think? 


Also, I believe there are companies out there that you can pay to like your photos and follow you. I'm guessing they aren't too happy about this change.. haha. I'm personally happy that people won't be spending any more money on paying for Instagram likes now though Smiley Very Happy


Re: Instagram Hiding Likes - Discussion

I completely agree with this! I think it's okay, because I kept seeing how many other people would have way more likes than me. I don't really think it's changed though.

It's basically the same thing, right?

Anyways, What does everyone else think?

Re: Instagram Hiding Likes - Discussion

Really interested to see the change it will make to be honest! I agree with @Maddy-RO that the number of followers will still be a major point of competition, but maybe it will reduce any feelings of shame or embarassment people feel when they don't get any likes? Maybe it might make people feel more relaxed and like they can just post things that they like without feeling like they're performing for a judge? 
It seems really hard to come up with a catch all fix for the issues social media causes for mental health Smiley Sad Because it sometimes feels like there's as many downsides as there are upsides...
On the bright side though, how cool is it that large international owners of social media platforms are starting to have this conversation and make changes? Smiley Very Happy (although there's an element of them maybe doing it for good PR but imma be optimistic about it Smiley Tongue)

We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: Instagram Hiding Likes - Discussion

I personally think it is a great move.. I even wish they took it one step further. You can still see the people that have liked the picture, whereas I think it should only show your own followers/followers in common who have liked it... Smiley Happy I used to worry about likes when I was younger.. although I never got a lot anyway so I had to come to terms with posting what I like rather than worrying about what others may think. I also never really cared enough to make pictures fit in with the Instagram style as @WheresMySquishy mentioned.. way too much effort for me! These days, I do like getting creative with photos but the intention is not to receive likes. My sibling and I have a bit of a photoshoot.. we find a nice location, do our makeup and wear some cute outfits but it is based around feeling good and having fun with each other. As you grow older and form your own social circles, you learn that you can do and look however you like. The ones who mind, don't matter.. and those who matter, don't mind (as Dr. Seuss says). I think anyway Heart

Re: Instagram Hiding Likes - Discussion

This has definitely been the talk this week! While I personally don’t really care as I am not an avid instagram user and even when I do post I’m not affected by how many likes my photo will get. But I totally understand why Instagram have done this. I have seen a lot of “influencers” who have been quite upset by this on Instagram, because I guess Instagram likes somewhat fuel their career, so I can empathise with them. But it’s a very interesting debate and something that I did not see coming. 

Re: Instagram Hiding Likes - Discussion

Great topic!


I personally think it’s a really great idea. While I don’t really use Instagram much these days, I did when I was younger. And I cared a lot more about likes back then compared to now. It was always a source of stress and anxiety uploading something to Instagram, just hoping enough people would like it. It’s definitely a good thing that people won't have to feel that kind of stress when uploading pictures anymore, they can just get creative and upload the things they want to.


I think it definitely eliminates the element of competition with other users. Not being able to see how many likes another person got will mean not being able to make comparisons. However I do agree with @Maddy-RO all these problems of comparison can also arise with number of followers! At the end of the day, I think that in this day and age, even though it has its problems, social media is here to stay. So I think that even small changes such as this can be a big step forward.

Re: Instagram Hiding Likes - Discussion

I also love this move by instagram! While I do not base my self-worth on amount of likes I get, when posting photos I often did check more frequently to see how many 'likes' I would get in a certain period of time and I know that is not healthy. 


I think this move is also great for the younger generation as I know that if I used instagram when I was a lot younger I know that I would have felt that it was a competition between peers on the amount of 'likes' you get. 


On another note, I do love the platform that instagram is turning into. While social media can be such a negative place I think it is important to only 'follow' pages/people/influencers who INSPIRE and MOTIVATE you. This year I made a promise to myself that if anyone I follow makes me feel bad or makes me doubt myself in any way then I will remove them from my feed. My instagram feed is now such a positive space and I feel so much better for it! Smiley Happy 

Re: Instagram Hiding Likes - Discussion

Excellent topic for discussion @Claire-RO and I think that it was a great move on Instagram's part. Personally, I've never paid too much attention to how many likes I get, but I do recognise that social media can have a negative impact on my/others' mental health, and I'm in favour of anything that could alleviate that. Smiley Happy

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