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Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

That definitely eases some of the concerns I have @WheresMySquishy , thanks! 


I hadn't really had it properly explained like that to me before, but it seems much more flexible than the school system really makes it out to be, as if it's robotic, like you pick one job and if you don't have enough ATAR, too bad. So thanks for clearing that up!


Sometimes I do question why I want to be a teacher, but the reason why is that many teachers have inspired me and shaped me into the person I am. 



Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

I know what you mean @Phantom1105. I feel like my school didn't explain all of these different options to me. I mostly found out through other people and looking around online. Your ATAR doesn't actually dictate the rest of your life. There are many different pathways and in my experience, if you want to study something hard enough, you will eventually get to if you put your mind to it. I remember reading about a principal who had actually failed her own Year 10 results. Similarly, the tutor of a university class I took which required us to write an essay for the first time for that field actually told us she failed hers.

One of my friends didn't get a high enough ATAR to get into any of her courses, but she was able to attend the same university as me because the university took into account that she had sat some kind of external test (not sure what it was called but I think it was something science or medicine related, possibly the UCAT) and it boosted her application, even though she didn't initially study the course that she wanted to get into. Looking around or enquiring to see if things like that could boost your application may be worth a try. Universities and schools often offer careers services which can provide advice and tips too.

I think it's great that you look up to your teachers! I was the client of someone in my field and they encouraged me to go into that field myself and said that I would be achieve anything because I was motivated and academically-minded. It's really helpful to think about people who have inspired and believed in you.

Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

That's pretty interesting, and clears it up even more for me, thank you very much @WheresMySquishy, I really appreciate it. I'll try to keep those mentor type figures in mind.


Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

Hey peeps, I kinda struggled today not gonna lie. I started to get very anxious about stuff and that makes me frustrated with myself, because I feel like I get anxious over nothing. Therefore I couldn't focus and that made me even more frustrated... 


I also had sudden flashbacks to times with my Mum, but strange things like the throw pillow on the lounge or how the backyard used to look. They pop up often but always when I don't want them to....


I didn't really tell the teachers I was feeling this way though, I mostly kept it to myself.


So yeah overall, not a great day that's for sure.  

Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

@Phantom1105 sounds like a tough day indeed Smiley Sad well done for getting through it!

Have you got anything planned for this evening to unwind and settle down? Heart
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Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

Thanks so much @lokifish


Not really to be honest, I still feel quite a bit anxious because I have to complete a portfolio for my multimedia assignment that's due on Monday.... 


I'm trying to listen to music to calm me and I might play some games later, but I feel like that could potentially make it worse because I'd feel like I'm just delaying it....

Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

Hey @Phantom1105 


I am glad to hear that and I am also so happy that you have such a good support network Smiley Happy 

Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

Thanks @tjayne19!


Sometimes I do feel like I don't utilise them as much as I should... but other times I sort of feel like my problems could be burdening them..

Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

Hi @Phantom1105,


One of the beautiful things about being an empathetic person is the consideration you have for others, their thoughts and feelings, and I can hear from your posts that empathy is one of your strengths Heart It can also be really challenging when you need support from others, but are aware about the impact on them. 


I am wondering if you have had a conversation with people in your support network about the sorts of things you need from them, and what they need from you? I would really love to hear more about some of the helpful things your support network give you in terms of support



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Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

Hey @Jess1-RO, thank you!


I think my empathy is both a big strength and a big weakness in some instances. 


I can very easily know how others are feeling and therefore am always super considerate towards it. It can be a weakness because if they are feeling terrible, I can start to feel their emotions while also trying to hold them up. 


And while I'm really good at knowing what other people need from me, I struggle with knowing what I need from them... I usually just talk to my friends about how I'm feeling and what's been happening recently and that often seems to work. They can calm me down or bring me back from feeling sad, just from talking about it.


I try my best to make others feel better while not worrying about how I feel in the situation. So when I have to take care of myself, I'm pretty lost.