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Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

Hey @Phantom1105 Smiley Happy


I definitely agree with you that empathy can be a strength and a weakness! It sounds like you really care about the people around you and that you do the best you can to support them. You've also mentioned that there are some things of your own that you're dealing with at the moment, and I'm wondering if supporting other people makes that more difficult for you?


Backtracking a little here, I wanted to mention two things about feeling like you're taking a step backwards sometimes. Firstly, when people start going to therapy and "facing their demons," it can bring up a LOT of emotions that normally we are able to keep burried because we might be distracting ourselves or hiding from things. So I wanted to reassure you that it is common to feel worse before you feel better. That being said, I would really encourage you to bring this up with your therapist if you're concerned (if you haven't already). 


Secondly, when we are recovering from mental illness, the path is not always straight up. There can be good days and bad days, but overall we can still be improving. There is a diagram here that better explains my point: DSpKnVdVAAAE5uf.jpg


This being said, I don't want to invalidate any concerns you might have about how you are travelling. If you believe that in general you don't feel better, but actually feel worse, then I think that's a very important thing to bring up in therapy. I wonder if you'd feel comfortable doing that? Or if you've discussed it in therapy before?


I hope I've made sense and haven't overwhelmed you with all this text :-)


Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

Hey @JanaG! Thank you so much for your take on my situation and the advice, I really appreciate it. 


I do believe that at least some of the reasoning why I went downhill was because I kept trying to support people, but no one was really there to support but myself and I didn't (and still don't) know how to. I have been able to help others when they are in need which, in turn, makes me feel better about myself. 


In regards to going to therapy and facing my demons, it's a very different effect to the counselling I was having before whereas now we are actually sorting through my issues and getting to the core of the problems rather than just brushing on the things that occured during the week or something similar to that.  


I totally agree on your second point. Sometimes I feel it's easy for me to forget that recovery is not as straightforward as it seems...


My therapist has always said that this will take a long while, to take it all one step at a time and it's all a work in progress. But as I said, it's easy to get caught up in everything else and forget that fact....


Sort of off-topic but I felt like I'd cover it anyway, I really like seeing my therapist. I see her on a Tuesday mornings and I take the bus there and she drives me to school. It's very nice just to be able to chat to her about whatever I feel like during our session and on the way to school.


And I think that covered everything! Thank you again @JanaG Smiley Happy



Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

No worries @Phantom1105  Smiley Happy


Sometimes when we support others we don't leave enough energy to take care of ourselves. Or listening to people talk about their struggles can bring our own to the surface. I wonder if you've spoken about boundaries or self-care with your therapist before?


If you feel you are going deeper into what's going on for you, then it makes sense to me that you might be feeling a little worse than before. :/ I'm sorry to hear that it is harder at the moment, but I'm also glad it seems you're getting to the bottom of things.


I'm really glad you like your therapist. Smiley Very Happy That's really important. 

Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

Hey @JanaG, thank you!


I don't believe we've really covered it in therapy, maybe I'll bring it up next time.


I don't think I've brought this up, but I really like drumming. It's an amazing outlet for me, mostly because I can hear my music and then attempt to play the same song on my drums and it's very therapeutic haha. I'm also a part of a band and that's even better because all the other people playing the instruments are in the same room as me, and we can work together to get through a song.


Maybe I'll go play during recess haha. I just gotta get through the day first. 

Re: Internal Struggles and Healing


Hey @Phantom1105 Smiley Happy


No pressure. I don't want to interrupt whatever you and your therapist are currently working on. Smiley Happy Just a suggestion if you feel like it's important for you.


Here is a great thread about self-care if you're interested:


Drumming sounds like great fun! Smiley Very Happy When did you start doing that?

Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

Thanks for the thread @JanaG!


I started drumming back in year 7 (2015), I have my own kit at home (except its kinda broken and sounds pretty bad so I don't use it often at all) but I usually just play at school because the music teacher lets me in during recess + lunch.  

Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

That's so cool @Phantom1105 - I'm also a drummer but haven't had a kit in a long time, so I'm probably very rusty. I also find drumming so therapeutic! What's your favourite song to play? 

Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

Hey @Bre-RO


That’s awesome! You should definitely try and get back into it if you can.


Since I listen to them so much, I love playing anything by Nirvana, particularly Come as you are or Breed. Sometimes I just pretend to play along to it whenever I’m listening to it haha

Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

@Phantom1105 Omg Nirvana was the band that got me into wanting to play music. The first song I learnt to play was come as you are Smiley Happy I'm actually wearing a nirvana band tee as we speak haha I also pretend to play whenever I listen to Nevermind 

Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

@Bre-RO That's so awesome! I think they actually got me back into drumming after I started to not enjoy it as much. I actually have a huge Nevermind poster in my room haha