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Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

Hey @Phantom1105 


I am glad you have found a way to study that suits you, taking breaks in between study sessions also helps to lower stress levels Smiley Happy Good luck with your studying this weekend im sure you will do great Smiley Happy

Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

Hey, first of all im really happy to hear you had a positive talk with your friend and it sounds like you really effectively conveyed how you were feeling but also displayed a lot of understanding for their reasoning.
Second of all - things seem pretty hard at the moment, although i can't imagine just how it feels, i can identify with some of the pressure of exams - i find they put me in quite a fragile state of mind in the sense that things mount up and get really overwhelming really quickly - especially if there's things going on at work at the same time!
Your therapist sounds like she's been a positive support in your life - i think doing little bits of time is a really good idea to try Smiley Happy
Different things work for different people of course, but i also find doing little bits at a time helps me learn the content more effectively and helps me not to get too overwhelmed.
I'm wishing you the best of luck for this coming week!

Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

Hey guys! Sorry for the long stretch without posting. 

I have finished my exams! They went as good as I thought they were going to go, but not horrible, which I’m proud of.


My anxiety has definitely gotten worse, leading to my stomach getting sore +aching because of it. 

Last Friday was also the one year anniversary of my friend passing away from suicide. My school held a memorial thing and I hung out with my friends as we talked about him. It was nice.


Overall, I haven’t been the best, but being on holidays is good I guess haha.


As a little side note, I successfully asked a girl out this afternoon, and I’m very proud of myself for having the courage to do so (after a lot of thinking).


Anyway, that’s all, I hope you all have been good! Smiley Happy

Re: Internal Struggles and Healing

Hey @Phantom1105


It really sounds like you've had a mix of really good and some bad experiences in the little while you've been away from RO! It's actually a really good grounding mechanism to try and balance each bad or negative occurrence you might have struggled with something positive or optimistic, so good job for doing that in your post!!

I'm sorry to hear that your anxiety has gotten worse, it's always difficult when our mental health fluctuates. Did you have any personal or professional supports that you would be able to talk about these things with?

It's also very sweet to hear that your friend's funeral was handled so well by your school.