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Is there a grand goal in life ?

I was brought up to think the ultimate goal in life was an act of Patriotism. This intensified with peers and other authority figures telling me via the media.


But being away from nationallistic curriculum ,what should I personally pursue ?


I'm just keen to think for myself lately and have some control over my life.


Re: Is there a grand goal in life ?

Hey @BunnyWalks good question!

There are so many grand goals in life depending on which stance you choose to look at it from as you say, from a nationalistic point of view it would be something along the lines of patriotism, from a economical point of view it would be economic growth and external stability and from a global point of view we might consider world peace or ending poverty to be life's grand goal.


From an individual point of view it gets tricker because what people want in life is different. Whether it's having a family of your own, or living in your dream house or being at the highest position in your chosen profession... but I think that all these goals stem from an overarching desire to feel happy. We chase happiness by following our passions and doing things that give us a sense of achievement. So all these smaller goals we set for ourselves (getting in shape, completing a course) all fall under this umbrella of happiness. We feel that we will be happy at the end of the day if we do these things and a lot of these actions eg.volunteering keep us happy on the journey. And if people get to a point in their lives where they feel unhappy they try to reroute their choices to get back on the path to happiness.

So I would say that the grand goal in life is to feel happy and satisfied but that is just my opinion, as i said, a "grand goal" can be a subjective thing"

Good luck with your thinking! I'd love to hear what you come up with to help you feel more in control in your life.


Re: Is there a grand goal in life ?

@Ladybug appreciate your insight.

I sleep on it. Take care man.