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Issues with Moving House

Recently my family moved houses and I HATE it. We used to live in a really big place, but our new one is so small and it makes it feel like you can't get away from everyone. You can hear any noise in the house from everywhere and it makes me feel so overwhelmed because it's always loud, especially at night when everyone's home and inside. Sleeping is harder because my parents go to bed later and wake up earlier, and I already have sleeping issues. Most importantly, my old house was home, I've been there most my life and had many holidays, birthdays, and basically all my young childhood memories  there. This new house only has now, and now is anything but good. 

Re: Issues with Moving House

Hi @Blurryphaced thanks for reaching out. It sounds like moving has been difficult and that you're having a tough time. Change can be tough particularly when it's unwanted. I can see that you really loved your old house and you have many fond memories. I'm wondering what ways you can create some new and positive experiences and memories for the new house? Do you think it's possible to make the most of an undesirable situation? I'm sorry to hear that sleeping has also been so difficult. What are some things you could do to help you sleep better? We're here for you Heart

Re: Issues with Moving House

Hi @Blurryphaced
I'm sorry to hear you're going through a challenging time.
I know how you feel. I grew up in Canada and in that house I had so many amazing memories so when we moved to Australia it was a bit of a culture shock and I had to get used to being in a new house. We ended up renting so we had to move another two times before buying a place. My mum chose the house that we were going to buy and at first I was shocked because it did not feel like it would be my home, at all!
But I'm happy to say that within a couple of years I grew so attached to the house and it really did feel like home.
I like what @Lan-RO wrote, about being able to make new and positive experiences and memories. I can attest to the fact that this happened to me! Especially since I did not like the house at all when we moved in. To me, home is where your heart is and at first it may feel weird but do you think you will be able to settle and create new memories/experiences?
I read somewhere that sometimes it takes a couple of months to settle. We're here for you though as you progress through this process. Heart