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It's Election Time!

If you live in Australia and are over the age of 18 - you will be voting this Saturday on the 18th of May!


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While there is discussion about whether the voting age should be lowered, with young people being more informed, and engaged with politics than ever before (See an article here about just that) - for now, you have to be over 18 to vote. 


You may be thinking - "Who the heck should I vote for, and how??" 

The voting system can be confusing.

All those numbers and boxes.....but It's important to remember that YOUR VOTE COUNTS. 


A few things you can do to make your vote count:

  • Enroll to vote!! Make sure you are enrolled to vote ahead of time. It is too late for this vote, but make sure you are enrolled for the next election.
  • Research the policies of all parties before voting day
  • Plan ahead of time where and when you will vote on the day 
  • Decide on how you will number the boxes before you go into the voting booths
  • Number enough or all of the boxes - but be sure you've done a bit of research first. 

Spending a bit of time learning how to vote, and what parties best align with your views on issues you care about, is worth it. You will have a much greater impact.


Some places to go for more information: 

Happy voting!


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Re: It's Election Time in NSW!

Yasssss @gina-RO!


I think it is so cool that we can vote and make our voices heard. Also, freedom sausage is the best!!