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Jan 26 - I’m really hurt

Today is January 26 or as most people know it as Australia Day. yet again I’m upset but not surprised by what I’ve read on the internet, it shouldn’t upset me anymore but it does. 

Some things people have said to me in person or online today 


“so damn entitled” 

“so they want more money even though they get given heaps and just waste it” - who said this was about money!? 

“you trash the houses the government gives you why should you get more free money” - again, what? 

”what now?” 
“So fragile. Quit crying” 

“.you people have 23 days and you want to take our 1 day off us, and where is going to stop” - I love the use of “YOU PEOPLE”.... 

“I can do what I want fuck you” 

“move on” 

Also I agree with the change the date notion but protesting in a pandemic scares the fuck out of me, as it did with the blm protest, so when I posted this comment I got a birage of hate from white teenage girls telling me to fuck off because I don’t know what I’m talking about, my opinion doesn’t matter, I need to shut the fuck up etc. When I pointed out that I am a part of the community they are protesting for they just said “I don’t care” 

It’s their 5 minutes of Instagram footage that they care about, not the actual cause. This happened last year with the BLM protests as well and to be honest I’m pretty fucking damn sick of it you either care and you want to hear the opinions of people who you are protesting for or you can go fucking jump because I’m sick of people using causes like this as a trend. It’s not a fucking trend. Half the people that posted a stupid black square on their social media are out at BBQs getting pissed today enjoying their day off. 

Fuck you all I’m over it. 



Re: Jan 26 - I’m really hurt

@Saltwaterdreamtime... people suck sometimes... that's just.. so not okay for them to say..


Is there anything you can do to keep yourself away from all that for today?

Is there anything we can do to help you cope with it?

Re: Jan 26 - I’m really hurt

hey @saltwaterdreamtime
im sorry you are experiencing this, thats really horrible.
im not sure what might be helpful but im hearing you!
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Jan 26 - I’m really hurt

I'm really sorry that you're having to go through all that @Saltwaterdreamtime. Smiley Sad You don't deserve it at all.
I don't know if there is anything I can say to make you feel better, but so many of us care about you. I know a lot of us love hearing about your culture and it's awesome to see how proud you are of it.

Re: Jan 26 - I’m really hurt

I’m pretty fed up that’s all 

Re: Jan 26 - I’m really hurt

@Saltwaterdreamtime  I am so sorry you have had those experiences today, it really isnt ok. i must say i agree with you about the protests in a pandemic that scares me a lot and i remember during the BLM ones i just wished people could protest in other ways and like of course i support the cause (i am half black) but it is really hard when people wont wont listen to the voices of the people they are supposedly fighting for. 

Re: Jan 26 - I’m really hurt

Sometimes wonder why I bother tbh 

Re: Jan 26 - I’m really hurt

Ugh I'm so sorry @Saltwaterdreamtime Smiley Sad People can be so toxic and hypocritical and cruel


Smiley Sad

Re: Jan 26 - I’m really hurt

Every time @Lost_Space_Explorer5 every time without fail some smartarses come and ruin it. 

Re: Jan 26 - I’m really hurt

@Saltwaterdreamtime  I don't think some people are worth listening to or engaging with if they are being that hurtful and disrespectful while not even trying to listen themselves Smiley Frustrated