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Job Interviews

Hey Guys, so I've searched the forums for a post on job interviews and nudda. SO I thought I'd make one Smiley Happy


I find job interviews INCREDIBLY HARD! I have been known to go into panic attacks while in job interviews, and mock interviews are even worse for me! I'm guessing this is my anxiety running rampant. 


I know lots of people struggle with job interviews, so I thought we could start a discussion about it. I know everyone is different but I want to know what works for different people Smiley Happy


I want to know:

1. What helps you get ready for an interview? Do you have a routine or special prep song or dance?

2. How do you prepare for the interview? What helps?

3. Best tip for getting over interview nerves, what has worked in the past? What didn't work for you that might for others?

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Job Interviews

Hey @Bee!


I have been in this situation countless times, so I can definitely give you some tips! That said, I am far from nailing interviews perfectly and everyone else has different approaches, so take from it what you will. ☺️


1. As far as my routine goes, I just make sure I'm dressed appropriately and psych myself to feel like I'm able to tackle the interview. No point in preparing if I feel like I can't do it in the first place!


2. My preparation includes anticipating what kind of questions they'll be asking, especially ones specific to the role you're applying for (e.g., if it's a research role, they may ask you about what you did a research project you've participated it), as well as coming up with real-life examples of situations that demonstrate positive qualities which are relevant to the role you're applying for. In addition to that, they may also ask you to elaborate on certain parts of your resume, so this is where it helps to ensure you're not fudging your resume (or if you are, really know how to BS your way 😉). That said, interviewers really like it if you have examples of things you've done, such as your roles in team exercises, times you've shown resilience, etc. Coming up with examples not only shows you have real-life experience in the area, but you can also use them to answer a number of questions. For example, a situation when you've demonstrated leadership can be used to not only answer leadership-based questions, but also questions based on project management, resilience, and other qualities relevant to leadership.


3. This is probably the hardest thing to do, but not taking it the interview too seriously and depending on getting the job too much is the best way for me calm my nerves (this comes with a LOT of practice though). This allows me to be myself, which is what interviewers want to see, and by being relaxed, it allows you to think and speak more clearly. That said, if you're all tense and trying to put on a facade, even if you do get the job, chances are you'll burn out early since you'll also have to keep that facade going for the entirety of the job, which is incredibly mentally and emotionally draining.  So yeah, if you don't get the job because you're not able to be yourself, 99.9% of the time it's more beneficial for you in the long run. ☺️


I'd also love to hear more interview tips from others!


Good luck on future job interviews! 😀

Re: Job Interviews

Job interviews are hard! I've been unemployed for over a year now (just about to study next year because the job market isn't looking promising) and in the years since leaving high school I have had many job interviews so I have a lot of practice! I always find the worst is waiting for the results after the interview though.


1. I really take my time in getting ready for a job interview, so even though I have it down to an art form I put a lot of thought an effort into what I am going to wear. I'm admin trained so my go to is always black pants, nice blouse, sometimes a jacket and then flats, wedge pumps or black boots depending on how much walking I will be doing and the weather. I also find doing my make up is really relaxing and gives me a chance to clear my head. For me it's just going through the motions and keeping my anxiety in check.


2. GOOGLE THE COMPANY!!! This is something that you should do even if you think you know the company. Spend a few minutes looking at the their website, reading any articles online about them and just getting a general feel for them. In most interviews you will get asked the question what do you know about us and by having googled the company that answer is sorted. In one interview I was able to read up on the workers which really helped as when the time came to be interviewed I knew their background and wasn't as nervous. 

Having done enough interviews I will rehearse possible answers to the general questions (Tell us about yourself? What was your last position and why did you leave? Tell us about a difficult situation and how you handled it? Why do you want this job? What do you know about the company?...) in my head on the way to the interview so that calms me down and makes me feel like I can own it.


3. I swear by the Breathe app as I too suffer from panic attacks and it helps calm me down and keeps my breathing in check. Plus once you get the exercises down you won't need the app and you can do them during job interviews without anyone noticing.

I also clear my head before I go in, so whether that be by listening to music in the car on the way to the interviewing, giving myself a pep talk or going through questions I will probably be asked.  I think it's a matter of working out what works for you and what's healthy behaviour. 

It's ok to be nervous and it's fine to even say to the person doing the interview, as nerves are healthy and it shows that you take the interview seriously.


A few other tips and tricks I find help me prepare for an interview include:

  • Arriving 15 minutes early - 15 minutes is a sweet spot as it shows that you want the job but it's not super early and if anything does go wrong getting to the interview you have 15 minutes on your side.
  • Dress for the job - by googling the workplace you should have some indication of the dress code for the job, if not just dress business casual and try to wear enclosed shoes as many workplaces occupational health and safety require enclosed shoes be worn at all times. I find you can't go wrong with black pants and a nice shirt/blouse. Places in the city will always be dressier compared to places in industrial areas but use your best judgment. It's fine to ask what their dress code is too if you are unsure.
  • Double and triple check where you are going - I am prone to getting lost so even though I use a gps to get there, I always google map the place before hand and try to see if there's any street views so I know what it looks like. 
  • Have a couple of questions to ask them - it shows that you are eager to work there and will give you more of an idea of the workplace. Good questions to ask include: what's been a highlight of working at the workplace so far? Where do you see this role going? What's a skill you think it's important for the worker in this role to have? (then show with examples how you have the skill needed)...
  • Remember that as much as the company is interviewing you, you are interviewing them - get a feel for the company and see if you are good fit for them, do you have similar views? Does the work climate seem like a good one? Can you see yourself working there long term? It's totally fine if you don't think you're good fit for the company because at the end of the day you will be the one working for them. 

Hopefully these tips help Smiley Happy 

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Job Interviews

@Bee yes this is a fabulous thread! I vaguely remember something about job interviewers somewhere but it definitely needs its own thread!

Luckily for me, I haven't really had that much trouble with interviews. The first one was a group interview that I don't even remember anymore. Then the next two were for the same store at different times. It was more of a surprise because I'm pretty sure they told me I had the job at the end and I'm sitting there feeling really awkward like... wait, what? Smiley Tongue OH there was this one that I was nervous about but I crushed it, except they never called me back and I never called them... oh well... Oh... hahaha... my memory sucks because there's actually a fourth interview that was a bit nerve-racking because I had no idea what the person looked like and we were meeting in a library. I didn't get that job because I couldn't drive, but when I got my license I emailed them and got the job! Huzzah! I'm so glad to have this job, even though it's irregular, it's a good thing.

But yeah I work as a tutor now. I have an online ad and next year I should really contact some primary schools Smiley Tongue BUT ANYWAY... yeah.

1. I try to put nice clothes on, smile a lot and be relatively honest Smiley Tongue
2. For me, I need to have everything in order. Which includes checking google maps for the route and time it takes to get there, having all the information needed for the interview and so on (which I've only really needed for one and a half interviews so it's not that bad)
3. YOU CAN DO IT! Remember that Smiley Wink

Those are some awesome suggestions @j_ and @ErinsAntics Smiley Happy Thanks for sharing them.

Re: Job Interviews

Thanks guys!! I love allll your answers!!!!

@ErinAntics I'm trying sooo hard to break into the admin field! I have 3 months experience in a place which was a bad experience, but anyway. I've completed my cert 3 in Business Admin and am looking at going more into accounts as I LOOOVE numbers Smiley Tongue But I need to do a couple of courses before applying or those jobs!

I'm the process of prepping for an interview right now - however, I feel like I've done less thinking about it than I should be... opps. I have tonight to prep and then tomorrow I interview. I've spent a fair bit of time looking at the website and I am feeling a little inadequate but in saying that I felt completely at ease talking to the owner so we'll see Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Job Interviews

I'm definitely going to remember this thread guys! 

I'm in the process of applying for postgrad study, or full time jobs if I'm successful. I'm playing the waiting game and the moment, which really sucks because I just want to move to the next stage.


For other jobs and volunteer roles that I've gone for I always make sure that I dress for the interview. I've got a couple of dresses that just make me feel really confident and that I know what I'm doing. I also always try and let my experience to shine through, and show them that I'm enthusiastic about the job.


This works for me, what do the rest of you out there do?

Re: Job Interviews

@Beeadmin is one of those areas that people think is easy to break into. I know a lot of people once they finish uni they think if they don't get a job in their area they will just go into admin as it's easy, but you need TAFE qualifications to do it. 

I'm back at TAFE next year getting my cert. 4 in Computer Systems Technology to upskill as it's an area that is growing and needs more workers, plus being a female means I'm likely to be hired Smiley Happy

One thing that I find that helps me survive an interview is rewarding myself afterwards. Whether that be treating myself to a piece of cake or lunch out, seeing a moving or finally buying that item that I've been eyeing but haven't been able to justify yet. It gives me motivation to do well and a reward after an anxiety inducing moment.

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Job Interviews

@ErinsAntics I KNOW! Smiley Sad It's soooo hard! I've had one admin role but it didn't work out with the manager, so that threw everything out.
I have my cert 3 in Business Admin, and I'm thinking I'll head more towards the financial side of admin than the overall. I'm just stuck between a bookkeeping and accounting course - both cert 4. But that's another story Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Job Interviews

@Beechoose which one will lead to more job opportunities, the job market is tough at the moment. Its great that you have it down to two courses that you want to do and they both compliment the Cert. 3 in Business Admin nicely but look into the current industry and figure out long term which Cert. 4 will be most useful. 

I was looking into doing a Cert 4. in either mental health or community services but neither of them really lead to jobs and the jobs they did lead to were really competitive. Which is why I am doing something completely different and chose an IT based cert instead, which compliments my Cert. 3 in Business (exact same as your Cert minus the access and typing, so companies see them as the same qualification) and having both qualifications will hopefully give me an edge in the job market.


Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Job Interviews

@Bee Love this thread, thanks for starting it, this will definitely come in use Smiley Happy Everyone has literally pulled out all the words in my mouthSmiley Tongue

I too am trying to get in the admin field, but who knew it'd be so hard Smiley Sad Was doing the business admin cert worth it? 


@TalaForest16 I'm in the same boat, hoping to get into my postgrad course & finding a full time job (who knew finding a job is so hard- even with a degree Smiley Sad ). Goodluck with your postgrad applicationSmiley Happy