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Job group interview advice need

I recently sent in an application to mcdonalds and after a few days i got an email back saying that i got a group interview, which is 3 days and im stressing about it because its my first job interview, so does anyone have any good advice for group interviews?


Re: Job group interview advice need

Hi @Illusionmaster8, congrats on getting the job interview Smiley Happy

I completely understand that it is scary going in for the first time, especially in a group situation. One major tip that I have is to not treat the other interviewees as if they are your competition for getting the job (even if that's the case). Be friendly with them, even before the interview - seeing how you communicate well with others, especially with people you've only just met, is something employers seem to look for Smiley Happy


Considering it's a group interview, there may be team exercises that your interviewer puts you through. It's really easy to try take over it all in order to try impress, but what looks best is when you are able to say your part, but also listen to suggestions of others and validate them clearly.


Also, and this applies to any interview situation, print out a list of common interview questions and just try practicing a few responses. I don't mean memorise them, otherwise it'll sound robotic, but definitely get a feel for different examples of teamwork or your skills that you might want to use.


Hope this helps and super good luck for it Smiley Very Happy

Re: Job group interview advice need

Hey @Illusionmaster8, congratulations on getting the job interview! I see that @sweet_baking has given you some great suggestions.

Before job interviews, I tend to make a list of tasks the job might require me to do and then try to think about how I might be suitable for those tasks. e.g. if the task is interacting with customers, you might talk about a situation where you've successfully interacted with people in a similar session.

I also try to keep myself calm, because I find that how I feel on the day is a strong predictor of how the interview will go. What are some activities that help you stay calm/grounded? 

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Re: Job group interview advice need

Thanks i will try to keep all of that in mind.


Re: Job group interview advice need

Congratulations on the job interview!

I completely agree with what has already been said, look at some 'common interview questions' on the internet so you can be a little bit more prepared and get a feel for what youre going to be asked. Group interviews can sometimes be fun! So try talking to the other people in the group Smiley Happy

Re: Job group interview advice need

Hi @Illusionmaster8 how did the job interview go? How are you feeling? Smiley Happy