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Jobs Everywhere!!!

Ahhh my god someone please help me. I am not confident enough to handle this siruation, no sir I am not. Basically, I have a job that I hate, a cashier job at a fast food place. Where I pack, take orders, stock drinks and make boxes. All in four hour shifts. A much stressful and faced-paced environment a somewhat slow person like myself often melts in. So to try and free myself from that hell (which is summer will probably have the temperature of hell Smiley Tongue), I applied for some jobs. Pretty cool jobs actually. A swim instructer, a kids workshop helper(and maybe down the tracker, running the workshop!), some jobs on campus and a couple of OSHC jobs. And I got a call about the workshop one, it's basically a workshop in schools about an hour long, I can't say what, because it's a bit revealing, but it's really cool. And, despite probable transport struggles, I hope that it works out. I'm dealing with quite a bit of anxiety on this, but I'm sure it's fine, if she'd only respond to my text when to meet up for an interview of sorts... And just now i got an email about the swim instructor job and holy hell I can't do this. Mid week? When mid-week??? I can't drive! Public transport in Australia sucks, I have a shift work job already and I haven't told my parents, something I struggle with, and I'm freaking out. I am freaking OUT! AaH man I'm so nervous, how do I do this? What should I do? Should I send an email to swim saying I've got an another opportunity? Should I quit my cashier job now and just focus on these two? And driving! I'm not even halfway through my 100 hours and if I drove an hour a day it would take me two months. So probably by December because i only drove half an hour today and almost hit a pedestrian (he was on a crossing. And wearing dark green and black! Coming out from shady trees! I only saw him when he was on the crossway. Ah golly I suck so much). What will I do? I shouldn't of applied for anything until I could drive! This was SUCH a stupid idea. Ah now here comes the no nos. I really want this but I just have no idea how to handle this. Any ideas?

Re: Jobs Everywhere!!!

@N1ghtW1ng whoa that's a lot of things happening on the job front for you! First of all, massive congrats for getting two job interviews. That's so awesome!! How do you feel about that? I'm excited for you about the workshop job - I don't even know the details but I do love workshops Smiley Happy I'm sure she'll get back to you. Sometimes the back and forth can be frustratingly slow when it comes to jobs.


There are a few things happening here so maybe you can tackle them one by one. You said you don't like working as a cashier at a fast food place. But I'm assuming that job is easier for you to get to from home. Are there any other benefits to consider keeping this job?


The swimming job sounds like it's a bit out of your way and not that easy to get to using public transport. Are there any other options at all for getting there such as ridesharing? Also, can you go meet with the people hiring at this job and then decide if you want to go for it or not? Maybe it's a bit hard to make a decision when you haven't met with them yet.


Lastly, what would help you with telling your parents you have all these great possible opportunities and you are weighing pros and cons right now?



Re: Jobs Everywhere!!!

@Mona-RO it is pretty awesome, and considering how badly I went the first time I went on a job hunt, it's pretty cool. And these two jobs are related to my career choice, teaching, so that's a bonus. The workshops would be so amazing, it's something I absolutely love and teaching, which is great too.

The benefits to keeping my cashier job. One, it's easily accessible. Two. . . I won't have to worry about dealing with quitting. Three. The people are nice. Four. Discounts. Five. It's a job. Although I guess five is kind of mute because it really doesn't matter compared to the other jobs which are also jobs Smiley Tongue So, there are benefits, but it's just so stressful for me at times. Not just with the working, but the on-shift socialising/communication front is really difficult because they speak so softly I can hardly understand them and it's just so awkward for me to speak up when I need something for an order and I'm not a fast person, or I completely slow to a near-stop when things get busy because I can't figure out what to actually do because there are waay to many things to actually do. So, moving on.

The swimming job I've been regretting since I posted this. Mainly because I can't swim!! D: Well, actually I can swim but I can backstroke and freestyle shittily. Oh and breaststroke but my legs always end up in pain so I have to half it with the kicks... but anyways. I don't know about ridesharing options, I mean it's always a possibiltiy, sure, but I'd have to find someone to share a ride with, and then I'd have to ask and then I'd have to actually go through with it and personally, I don't think I could handle it. The email said that they would be in touch mid next week to arrange a time to meet. Oh should I respond to the email? How would I even respond to the email? Thank you, I await your contact? Aah man, I didn't even think about this oh boy. But I guess I can meet with them. Location wise, it isn't so bad. It's just down the road from my uni so there's always the option of riding transport to uni and then walking down the road to there or just taking another route public transport wise. I am pretty used to the public transport in Australia, it's just really shitty compared to what I'm used to, having basically travelled anywhere by train, these cramped metal cyclinders called "trains" are quite horrible and doesn't mix well with my social anxiety (or, in this case, people claustrophobia) when other people sit next to me.

I really don't know what would help me with telling my parents. I find it difficult to share these things about my personal life, it's really weird, and I hate it, but it's just the way I am. The best thing I can do, is just outright tell mum (because she's probably the better person to talk to) that I got another interview, and then I will tell her what it is, where it is and what I should do.

I'm not sure what to weigh the pros and cons to, being honest, there's just so much. Quitting, not quitting. Taking workshop shop, not taking job. Cancelling on swim job, going through with the interview and probably freaking out about whether or not I'm going to go through with it or not... I kind of have weighed pros and cons, although I haven't outright listed them as pros and cons, just some of the good and bad things that might happen. More on the bad side is mainly centered around me, as in my anxiety and stress in dealing with situations, rather than the stress of the situation. Did that make sense? Ah well.

There is quite a bit going on Smiley Tongue But hey, two job offers! For cool jobs! That's pretty neat. Smiley Happy