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Jobs and Anxiety

I need a job! Except I have chronic anxiety!

What kind of jobs do you guys have? How do you deal with looking for work if you have a mental illness?
Are there employers who actually care about their employees mental health? I have had jobs in the past, but they only exacerbated my anxiety/depression, plus my employers didn't give a shit about me, so I am very apprehensive about rejoining the workforce!

What do you guys think?

Re: Jobs and Anxiety

@GraceInSpace93 this is an excellent topic. I'm sorry that you've had rough experiences with past employers but I'm sure there are some out there that are more understanding (or as understanding as possible). It's definitely wrong (and pretty sure illegal) to not make reasonable accommodation for health issues. 


Maybe jobs where there are not a lot of customers/clients to deal with in a short span of time could be good - like tutoring or helping with landscaping/gardening etc. What kind of work do you think you'll find enjoyable? I'd love to hear other people's input as well. 

Re: Jobs and Anxiety

Hey @GraceInSpace93 it really does suck when employers don't care about their employees mental health and I bet it happens a lot with young people cause we usually hold casual jobs that are seen as 'dispensable'.

I totally agree with @Mona-RO in that you can try applying for jobs that don't deal with a lot of customers or isn't as high energy like tutoring or doing chores for someone who can't do it themselves? There's probably a bunch of jobs out there that aren't as common I would really recommend looking on your university website cause I know my university has a page where they post jobs and I found a lot of people looking for babysitters and tutors. I hope that kinda helps Smiley Happy

Re: Jobs and Anxiety

Hey @GraceInSpace93 this is a very important topic, and I'm glad you brought it up! I have anxiety too and for a long time I struggled to find a job (and even to apply for them). However, I eventually found the job I have now and my boss is so supportive. He knows when I'm feeling anxious, and my co-workers are very good about it too. I can assure you that supportive environments do exist!

For me with my anxiety, a retail or customer service job wouldn't really work, so I do data entry in an office. Do you think something like that might be an option for you?  

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Re: Jobs and Anxiety

I'm struggling with the same thing right now @GraceInSpace93 so you're definitely not alone. For me, I love little kids (I have really bad social anxiety, and I find that babies/toddlers can't judge you or tell you you're stupid Smiley Tongue) so I'm looking into studying early childhood teaching. Are there certain things that you enjoy, that you could base your career around?

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Re: Jobs and Anxiety

@Mona-RO I am currently studying a Bachelor of Design. I really love anything to do with art, design and just anything creative in general. I'm really hoping to have a flexible career in interior design and maybe do illustration on the side. I also love garden design, anthropology, psychology, architecture, animation and all sorts of things, so its pretty hard to pick just one thing to make a career out of. The hardest part is finding a creative job! I feel most workplaces/employers don't value creativity and just wont obedient worker drones, so for me to find a creative job ON TOP OF finding a supportive, inclusive workplace for mental health is going to be a struggle I think.

Re: Jobs and Anxiety

I do tutoring! It's pretty easy and the only issue is sometimes I feel a but of pressure from parents, but really its not a big deal. 


You could also try sites like airtasker where you do random odd jobs and whatnot. That's all I can think of at the moment!