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Jobs for International students and basic finances.

Hello my fellow young people, 


I'm an international student and not having a job sucks. I do envy young people here do get center link for things like PT. 


In my nation there are just poor labour laws and it's stigma if your not in full time education. I was discourage by my parents to apply but this was not good for myself esteem actually. 


The legal barrier on ads like Australians only are discouraging. As an uneducated young person it takes time to develop tangible skills like office work or at least communicate well.


Australian ( anglo culture) takes time and effort to understand. As an outsider it takes time to involve your self in the community. 


Right now I've identified a jobs like these and will put time aside to prepare these CVs to apply via indeed or seek  so I can aim for something when semester break comes in :   


Hospitality Staff. 

Event Crew.


Data entry jobs.

Customer service at Gambling companies.

Race day controller.


Are there other jobs students be aware of ? 


Re: Jobs for International students and basic finances.


As an international student, I would recommend looking on your visa to see what restrictions there are with working and the amount you can earn. Also some companies require you to be a permanent resident to be considered, so be sure to check that out when you apply.

In terms of student jobs, retail is always a good bet especially around this time of year when people are hiring Christmas casuals. With a lot of these jobs however they only advertise on their own store website instead of on Seek or Indeed. They also don't require any prior experience which is good, unlike data entry and office jobs that require office experience or a TAFE qualification. 

I would also look at local theme parks who need staff for the holidays and other holiday attractions like movie theatres, ten pin bowling places, indoor play centres etc. 

In terms of your resume make sure you have all your experience listed and it might be a good idea to include a cover letter too as it shows places you are willing to go the extra mile. 

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Jobs for International students and basic finances.

Last time I checked on the COE you can work full time during holidays.