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Hey, so just wondering if anyone has any sort of tips for journaling. I've kind of been keeping one but have no idea what to actually write in it my physc wants me to start actually writing specific thoughts realated to my low moods and what I was doing when the thoughts hit.

Re: Journaling

I never really caught onto journaling that much, I used to years ago but not so much now, I guess that's because I write down every one of my thoughts and make music out of it now. I always thought journalling would be whatever you'd like it to be. When I was a bit younger and I lived in care writing down everything that came to my head into a notebook was something I used to cope, I've still got them in a box somewhere in the cupboard, I don't like reading them but they're also reminders of how I came out of those dark times. And the thing I liked about it was that it was my own, nobody could ruin it for me, nobody could laugh at what I was writing, it was just mine and I could do whatever I wanted with it.
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Re: Journaling

I used to journal in a similar way as well, where I would track my moods and also my sleep. I found the hardest part was actually remembering to do it regularly, so I liked to keep my journal out in plain view so I'd remember. Maybe carrying it around with you can help as well.

Just a heads up, there are also mood tracking and journalling apps for smartphones as well, if you want to check those out


Re: Journaling

Nice job sharing all! There's some good ideas here. @Grake you said you've kind of been keeping one – what methods have you been using so far?


Having a small notebook with you all the time is a great way to get started because then you always have your journal wth you whenever a low mood strikes. You might like to start by reflecting on how you feel at that time and allowing the thoughts to flow from there. The first hurdle is probably not to judge what you write so you can be free to express yourself. What do you think – does this sound like something you could try?