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Just a Rant, I Guess. Anger Towards Brother.

Hey guys, 

Long story short - my parents are getting a divorce. My brother is 21 and lives with my Mum, I'm 23 living with my Dad. Needless to say, this split arrangement has caused riffs between my brother and I.


When we lived together we would talk about things, were close etc. We're not any more. We're both new to this arrangement and dealing with it differently. But we don't talk. 


The last time I saw my brother and my Mum were on Mother's Day after he insisted that I see Mum that day for her. I bit the bullet and went. For him. 


It's my Dad's birthday in a couple of days and my brother's informed me, he's not seeing Dad that day cause he has other things. 


I'm so pissed because I made an effort for him, but he does jack all for me. He's seeing Dad a few days after, but I had to ask, and organise it at a time that suited my brother. 


I'm angry at him, when I probably shouldn't be. People have lives, and things get in the way, but I think this birthday is hitting home how different things are now. 


I feel like I have to be the bigger person and make all the fucking effort all the time and I'm sick of it. I told my brother he could go halves on the preset, but I'm thinking now not bothering putting his name to any of it, giving it to Dad cause I did everything, and just let my brother deal with things himself. I won't, but that's how I feel. 


I just get so angry and upset every time I talk to my brother. Probably why we don't talk any more. I know the divorce and everything isn't his fault nor mine, but I can't help but be angry at him. 


Re: Just a Rant, I Guess. Anger Towards Brother.

Hey @Hopeless Hermit, first off, I'm sorry to hear that your parents are going through a divorce and that it's having such an impact on you and your brother.

I think one of the most important things is to remind yourself that you're allowed to feel however you feel, anger included. This is a tough situation, and I imagine feelings are going to be running pretty high.

Have you spoken to a counsellor about what's been going on for you? That might be one way of dealing with your feelings. What do you reckon?

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Re: Just a Rant, I Guess. Anger Towards Brother.

Hey @Hopeless Hermit,


It definitely sounds rough having someone who should be close to you seem so distant somehow. When was the last time you talked to him? Does he know how you feel about him? There's possible a chance he doesn't know how to deal with it either so perhaps you both could work out a solution somehow? What do you think would work?