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Keen to help farmers out but not now

Hi Reachout , 


Im very sorry for the farmers who are going through severe draught. However, I'm mindful of my commitments as of late.


If I were to gather let's say round up 12 people to offer manual labor / administration support for a year after my undergraduate.


Paid or volunteer who would be the right person/organisation to speak to if we choose to commit long term in helping one farmer.


There is a strong demand for help but if I could make a team and develop a plan so that everyone knows what we would be doing it and what we're are signing up for.


Being organized will help us get organized in what we need and best prepare our selves for the challenges and prioritize our own safety while we're abroad.


Before we commit we should be aware what were there going through and how we as a foreign group respond with empathy and respect to their feelings as we may not understand their sentiments to their lifestyle and maintain humility when we communicate.


Mods gimme a hand here.






Re: Keen to help farmers out but not now

Hey @BunnyWalks I think it's awesome you want to help the farmers. I am a bit confused as to what your question is however. Apologies I am unsure what you need our help with?


If you can clarify further that would be awesome Smiley Happy 


Re: Keen to help farmers out but not now

Hi @Bree,

I'm curious as to how would one make an arrangement to volunteer with a farmer for a certain period of time ?

I apologize if the post was complicated to understand.