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Leaving school..leaving your friends too?

I'm in year 12 this year. An exciting but pretty scary year for us all I think! For the whole year I've been thinking about what to do next year - Gap Year? Travel? Volunteer? Work? Uni? I think I've just about worked out my plans and I'm pretty excited about it all.


For the whole year I've been a bit sad that I'm going to be leaving my precious school forever. I adore my school and have spent an amazing six years there. But a thought has just occured to me - as well as leaving school, I also won't be seeing my friends on a regular basis. This makes me sad! I know they will all be off doing their own thing and leading their own lives and although I'm happy that they'll be doing so, I'll still miss them!


For those who have left school, did you stay in touch with your friends? If so, how did you do it?


Re: Leaving school..leaving your friends too?

Really good question florenceforever!

I think this is probably something that a lot of school leavers think about each year, and it can definitely be hard to come to terms with, and seem a bit sad too.

I've been out of school for 4.5 years now, and I still see my school friends. A couple of my really close friends I still see a few times a month or more (depending on uni schedules and things), and my wider friendship group catches up every couple of months.

I guess technology plays a pretty big role for us keeping in touch. We use facebook a lot to organise catch up dinners or drinks - it's a pretty easy way of getting events organised.

I suppose something that I found interesting too was that since leaving school I've made a lot of new friends too. And it turns out that I have a lot more in common with these new friends, and I seem to have a lot less in common with the school crew these days. I guess this is because at school (although you choose your friends), you're kind of forced together in a way, by having classes together etc, whereas once you leave school you find that the people you associate with are often people who have a lot of similar interests due to what you're studying, the clubs you're a part of, or just because they're doing the same types of things you're doing, whether that is studying, travelling, volunteering or whatever.

So while it was a bit sad for me at the time, leaving school was a great opportunity for me to branch out a bit and meet lots of really cool new people, while still staying in touch with the people who I shared so many years of schooling with.

What about other people? What are your experiences/worries/questions?

Re: Leaving school..leaving your friends too?

I'm still friends with most of the people from my friendship group at school but there's only a few I really catch-up with. It becomes a lot harder to catch-up with people when you are all very busy and have different schedules! Also as @Georgie said I find that I have less in common with some of my school friends and more in common with my uni and other friends. It really comes down to who you want to make the effort to catch-up with (and whether they want to catch up with you!).