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Leaving uni- what next?

So I'm reaching the end of my university degree... and the real world is looming upon me and I've been having a few problems with figuring what I am going to do after uni. There are just so many options... Should I keep studying (eg do another course) or find a job or volunteer for a bit or travel the globe... There are just so many things that I could do... And because there are so many things... It is really difficult to decide and I was loosing way too much sleep over it!


I was recently talking a really good friend of mine who really helped me think through the problem. This 'what on earth am I going to do next' dilemma of mine was actually making which miserable and down, so actually identifying that I was unsure what I was going to do next was actually a massive relief for me. She helped me to work out what I really wanted to do and also brainstorm a lot of different ideas on how to get there. Of course there was pros and cons with each idea.. but talking it through and going through a process really helped me to break down the issue and not  be so overwhelmed.


So what about you guys? Have you ever had a problem which got you down? How did you go about solving it?

Re: Problem Solving

I can see why finishing uni soon and having to make decisions and go out into the real world can be a source of stress and worry. Change can be a big trigger for a lot of people- I know for me change and life decisions can be very stressful.

I guess how I solve problems depends on the situation and what the problem actually is. I think what you did is great by talking it through with a friend and writing down your ideas. Having someone listen and offer comfort or advice can be a wonderful thing!

Re: Problem Solving

Hi Kiki,


Nice to *meet* you!


I had a similar problem at the start of the year. I had finished one degree and was officially looking for full-time work. But then I didn't get a job. And the Uni semester came around again. So I was torn between enrolling in a short course (so I was atleast furthering my skills and remaining elligible for Centrelink payments) and concentrating on looking for a job. I guess what it came down to was the fact that I didn't have a job by the first week of semester (about 3 months since I'd finished my first degree) and feedback that I had received from job interviews was that I needed more experience. 

So I went back to Uni, and did a one semester degree that added onto my first degree and took on a heap of volunteering.

In the end, I got a full-time position about two weeks after I finished!!


I guess my advice is not to worry and let the universe unfold as it will.

Half the things you worry about won't eventuate anyway.



Re: Problem Solving

Hi Kiki


I am in a similar position to you, I am going to finish my degree at the end of this year and as much as I want to keep studying it will take me another 4 years to get where I want to go, which, while I sorta like the lifestyle of a student it doesn't support my horse riding. This means my mum has to pretty much pay for that side of things, which isn't really fair on her. But at the same time there isn't really many jobs out there for someone with my degree so getting a job will be difficult. 

I think at the moment I am going to apply to keep studying but do it part time so I can still work a little bit to support myself. I think sitting down and talking it through is a great idea and can really help if you are feeling stuck as an outside perspective can show you so much.

Re: Problem Solving

Yeah, I've actually got a similar problem too, with finishing my degree and trying to sort out what to do and how to organise my life into how I'd like it to be. I'm still struggling with it, especially since a big part of my problem is something that I can't really talk to anyone about.

Re: Problem Solving

Hey supersky,


I hope you are doing OK. I just thought I would let you know that at times I have felt like some of my problems were just too terrible or big to talk to anyone about, but in every single case when i have eventually mustered up the courage to talk to a friend, I have felt a weight lift off my shoulders and suddenly felt like the problem wasn't so big after all. 


So I really do encourage you to think about talking to someone about the problem you are refering to. If it feels to hard to share it with someone you know, it might be easier to start off talking to someone at the Kids Helpline about it. You can talk to them any time on 1800 55 1800. 


Anyway, best of luck finishing up your degree!




Re: Problem Solving

My problem when it comes to uni is at the moment Im so close to the finish line that Im worried that I wont get there. Ive already stretched out my degree an extra 18 months so far due to Diabetes diagnosis. Im  supposed to finish Uni mid next year. Its like that little nagging thought in the back of your mind that wont shut up. I will also be thinking about what I do next, work or travel or holiday or grad program. Sometimes just too many decisions to make. Its a problem i have not quite mastered yet>...

Re: Problem Solving

Sounds like you've got some big decisions to make Cesj - think hard, but try not to let it get to you too much! Take some free time for yourself Smiley Happy

Re: Problem Solving

Great discussion guys.

I'm also in a similar position. I've been taking an eternity to finish my degree, and I'm just not really convinced it's what I want to do. I've spent the last 6 months taking some time out a bit to try and find some other things that interest me.

I think it's good to set goals, but for me I'm just not really sure at all what I want to do with myself, so I've been making some lists of 'potential ideas' instead. This way I'm not totally freaking out because I have no plans or ideas at all, but I don't have anything set in stone so I'm not putting too much pressure or too many expectations on myself (a bit of a problem for me).

I also think it's totally ace to just see what happens. You know that saying "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans"? I reckon it's good to keep that in mind. In the end, you just have to pursue what feels right, and what really grabs you. Life is what's happening in the mean time, so you may as well be enjoying it Smiley Happy

Re: Problem Solving

@Georgie wrote:

I also think it's totally ace to just see what happens. You know that saying "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans"? I reckon it's good to keep that in mind. In the end, you just have to pursue what feels right, and what really grabs you. Life is what's happening in the mean time, so you may as well be enjoying it Smiley Happy

That's a great point, Georgie! I made other plans in my life, towards what I thought I wanted to do, and while those other plans were in the process of not coming into fruition, I found out exactly what I DID want to do with my life! Smiley Happy


Life finds a way.