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Re: Legalizing Gay Marriage

Hi everyone


I understand this is a hot-button issue and that people have a variety of opinions on it, however, engaging in arguments that are overly judgmental, not to mention discriminatory, is completely unacceptable here on ReachOut.

A couple of posts have been removed already and, if necessary, we will remove the thread entirely.

If you need to review our community guidelines, you can do so here.


To those of you who debated in a pragmatic and reasoned way, thank you. Cat Happy

Re: Legalizing Gay Marriage


i like to think we're moving in the right direction. and although dissecting this issue to death or even having this discussion at all annoys some people, on the bright side it is progress. if only resolving this issue was as quick as downloading an app.

i totally agree that love deserves to be recognised but not everyone sees it that way. so i can see why some people need a bit of time. having said that, the right time is now Smiley Happy

Re: Legalizing Gay Marriage



I read through the topic and thought it is a sensitive topic for some people to discuss.


However, whether someone is gay, straight, lesbian, bi, transgender, transexual - love is love.


@heyitscleo - The only thing that is stopping this situation, where if gay couple should be allowed to have children.. in this case is very difficult. In most cases it's not always successful, but in other cases it's successful. The child may get bullied for having two mums or two dads at school. In respect, we do live in a judgemental society. We are surrounded by narcissists.