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Legalizing Gay Marriage

This afternoon my Dad and I got in a fairly heated debate about whether gay marriage should be legalized or not. And then there's the whole other additional part to be considered about if there should be children allowed to be under the care of the same sex guardians.


If you're in love and you're prepared to put yourself on the line for it then go for it. You can't help who you fall in love with, you may as well get the full experience, right?


I was all for it, but my Dad wasn't. (he isn't homophobic by the way guys, just traditional)


It got me thinking, what do all my peers think of this? It's not commonly discussed, but I reckon that somewhere right now there's an over thinking teen on this exact topic. So go on guys, what're your opinions?



Re: Legalizing Gay Marriage

I 100% agree that gay marriage should be legalized, making relationships and connecting with other people is one of the fundamental things about about being human, I believe at least, and we have no right to tell people that the genuine connections people may make are not allowed. Marriage is a huge symbolic commitment in our society, but there are also many legal benefits that people in a committed gay relationship can not enjoy, for no substantial reason.

Also anthropologically speaking marriage between one man and one woman isn't really that traditional. In the past polygamy was common, and many cultures up to relatively recently (less than 500 years, which in history is tiny) marriage was between one man and several woman, so in my view, why should we impose our current beliefs on people just because they want to live in a slightly different way to us.

Anyway just my two cents, which got me thinking about another topic I'm passionate about: voting! Legalizing gay marriage is just one of the topics you can help shape the debate, and actually make a change in the law which effects all of us! if there are any people who are eligible to vote, and haven't enrolled yet, please do!! Voting is so awesome, you get to help shape your country/area in a real substantial way, you feel so involved and part of something and get your voice heard! And it's so easy!! But if you haven't enrolled yet you have to do so by Monday

Re: Legalizing Gay Marriage

I think that it's unsettling that we as the human race still have to debate this. It's incredibly unfair to me that people who are not gay are the ones doing the deciding with regards to legislation etc. It's almost like we don't think they have the capability to decide for themselves and as a result, we are treating them as second-class citizens.

Re: Legalizing Gay Marriage

"It's incredibly unfair to me that people who are not gay are the ones doing the deciding"
great point Nathan!

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Re: Legalizing Gay Marriage

Yep, I'm totally with you all here on this one. What's amazing (and awesome) is how much thinking can change in a generation; even a decade - I remember reading somewhere that ten years ago only ~30% of people polled supported gay marriage, now it's more than double that Smiley Very Happy


Straight kid for gay rights! Smiley Happy

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Legalizing Gay Marriage

I'm much to the agreement of numerous other people who have posted.


Who are we to tell someone that their love doesn't exist?

(Provided that the individuals are both consenting and no undue harm is caused)


There are plenty of things in the world that exist, yet we don't fully understand.


I hope one day that 'gay marriage' will just be termed 'marriage' just like any other marriage between a man and a woman. Being gay or not shouldn't be an issue.


- Hopeful

Re: Legalizing Gay Marriage

I love this generation. We are awesome.

I mean, I'm gay, and if I have to wait until it's legal to marry whoever I fall in love with, then cool. Because I know that when it is legal, it's going to be because of us, because this generation is doing the changing. Just wait until we're the ones running the country, I have a feeling it'll be subtly fairer, because we have grown up exposed to this and other this like equality in a more positive environment, whereas the people leading today grew up when it was literally illegal and you could be fined or jailed for being gay or any number of other things that are actually fine and considered okay today.

I mean, look how far we've come; climate change is a more widely embraced reality, tobacco/cigarettes are killing people and it's recognised, women can actually vote now, and the colour of your skin doesn't matter anymore. This is the world we are growing up in. I'm getting the vibe it's a better one in terms of rights, equality and public awareness.

Re: Legalizing Gay Marriage

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Re: Legalizing Gay Marriage

woo hoo !

loving that this is being discussed Smiley Happy

Re: Legalizing Gay Marriage

@fosterthepeople personally I'm sick of the fact that it's still being discussed (as are most of the other young people I talk to). I honestly can't see why we need to have such a huge debate over whether love deserves to be recognised... just my 2 cents Smiley Tongue

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish