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Legendary Life Hacks

Have you got something really cool that you do to save money or time!? 
Share it here!! 









* This is not like “5 minute crafts” where things actually take 45 minutes and $300 worth of things, and turns out to be a ridiculous item. Please refrain from such ridiculousness. 

Re: Legendary Life Hacks

Not sure if these would be considered cool, but I like to eat canned food to save time (if I don't have time to cook) and use a long expiry SIM to save money (e.g., 365 day prepaid plans like the Coles/Woolies ones) 

Re: Legendary Life Hacks

I just realised I posted this with barely any information or context. Apologies...


Here is one of mine.


Buy one of these, fill it with dishwashing liquid. Keep it in the shower. When you shower you can clean it while you’re in there. Obviously do a decent clean sometime too but this is extremely satisfying and a good everydayer. 
The reason we use dishwashing liquid rather than bathroom cleaner is because you’d probably pass out if you did that... so don’t. 



Re: Legendary Life Hacks

@hunginc 365 day SIM card!?? I didn’t know that existed Smiley Surprised So you only have to buy credit once a year?

Re: Legendary Life Hacks

That’s really cool