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Let's study together! The ReachOut 'Library'?

Hey everyone! So one of our very own forum members (thanks @MB95 Smiley Very Happy) brought up this as an idea and I think it would be a waste not to at least give it a try!


A lot of us are stuck at home studying because of covid and some people find it helpful to *virtually* study together. Why not give this a try on ReachOut? Smiley Tongue You gotta use your imagination a bit..






*shh* people are studying!

Why not tell us what task you're working on at the moment and for how long?


If you need a break, why not join the study break thread?


Once you've finished your study session, tell us what you got done and we'll *silently* cheer for you Smiley Tongue


If you like the idea of the 'pomodoro' technique, why not try following it with a youtube video, like this one!


Re: Let's study together! The ReachOut 'Library'?

Ahem, so I'm working on an assignment for uni now. Gonna try and get the research done. My focus isn't so good at the moment so I'll be doing 10-15 mins of study and then 5 minute breaks. I'll let you guys know how it goes Smiley Tongue Keep me accountable!
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Re: Let's study together! The ReachOut 'Library'?

@Lost_Space_Explorer5  thanks for creating this thread, I love aesthetic study vibes! I'm not studying (right now!) so I can't answer these Qs,


I thought I'd just add this link for library background noise and some gifs to encourage you all and help you visualise a fab library environment!




Re: Let's study together! The ReachOut 'Library'?

Oh my gosh thanks @Tay100, I'm loving the library vibe Heart And awh you can still come into the library to do some light reading if you like Smiley Tongue

Okay my next task is to come up with a bit of an essay plan Smiley Indifferent Yayy

Re: Let's study together! The ReachOut 'Library'?



Hopefully it will help some of us keep on track and hold eachother accountable to stay motivated in a supportive way! 


Welldone @Lost_Space_Explorer5 for getting the research done, you should be VERY proud of yourself as I know it hasn't been an easy time for you so I hope you're treating yourself during break times! I also think it's amazing you've recognized what your attention span is like atm and are going with it to make it work as best as you can! Seriously. YOU GO GIRL!!! 


How's the essay plan coming along? 


I am having a break tonight but tomorrow I'll be studying for my final exam! 


Also love the youtube link you attached, how awesome?! It legit stops playing music when you should get up and stretch your legs! WOW! 


.. okay.. no more shouting, I just forgot I was in the library, sorry guys.. 🤣

Re: Let's study together! The ReachOut 'Library'?

Shhh, it's a library @MB95! There's a break room over there and a games room over there


Yes, I thrive on accountability! What about you? Thank you Smiley Happy Yup, I can work with 10 mins Smiley Tongue No shouting in the library!


I've written my own thoughts on the question and have my research now I gotta merge them into a plan. Yeah it is a neat video!


Maybe we can do a 'group study session' tomorrow!


yes shhh it's a library!!




Re: Let's study together! The ReachOut 'Library'?

I'm the same with accountability @Lost_Space_Explorer5! I work so much harder in group assignments then individual ones! To the point where I give everyone the impression that I'm someone who has my shit together and is always on top of assessments which couldn't be further from the truth! �


10min is good! Do ya reckon you could make it a challenge to try and up it a bit tomorrow? No pressure at all, but I know you can do it. 


I reckon you should try get a good sleep in and start the plan with a fresh mind tomorrow? 


I'm keen for a study sesh!! LETS DO IT!! 

Re: Let's study together! The ReachOut 'Library'?

Okay @Lost_Space_Explorer5 when is todays study session starting?! I'm in DESPERATE need of a kick up the ass today.. literally only just got out of bed! 

Re: Let's study together! The ReachOut 'Library'?

@MB95 how's the study session going? I'm on break at the shop atm but will be ready to study at 4:30pm! What have you gotten done today? Smiley Happy

Re: Let's study together! The ReachOut 'Library'?

I'm starting my study sesh now, feel free to join @MB95 and anyone else


I would like to get my essay plan done







Some tunes to listen to Smiley Happy