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Let's talk about toxic friendships

Hey guys!

I feel like it's important to talk about toxic friendships/when you think a friendship has gone toxic. I've had this happen to me twice. 


Friend 1- She started stealing, making plans with people and never showing up and started focusing on boys rather than friends. She also had a bad habit of blurting your secrets to everyone. We were so close in high school so when she started to change I was in complete denial. It was really tough to realise and think to myself that 'Hey, this person isn't making me happy. She's actually making me upset.' It's really important to have an open conversation and I tried talking to her but she was not interested in trying to fix the things that were making people upset. 


Friend 2- Friend 2 lived in an apartment with her boyfriend, my boyfriend and another friend. I thought we were good friends and she would always say to people how excited she was to see me etc. Once she moved into the apartment I started to see a side to her that I also think I was in denial of. She was quite controlling, and went through phases of being obsessed with people. When she tired of me she wanted nothing to do with me anymore. I tried to invite her to dinner or tried talking to her but she wouldn't look up from her phone and give short answers. I try to be a friendly person and she just gave off a cold and uncaring attitude. I even bought her an expensive birthday present that incorporated the things she liked and I tried to make it thoughtful. She put this present on the floor next to her rubbish, that hurt my feelings. It's very hard because I kept trying to get validation from her but I realised it's really important to love yourself and not seek validation from people.  


All in all I wanted to write this post to emphasise that when it comes to friendships it is quality rather than quantity. It's also so important to love yourself and enjoy spending time in your own company. I realise now the people in my life who make me completely happy and not upset. Sometimes these life circumstances are difficult but they really do become lessons. They can shape us and help us grow Heart 


Re: Let's talk about toxic friendships

Wow, I'm sorry that you had those experiences with toxic friendships @missep Thank you for sharing your experiences with us Smiley Happy

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Let's talk about toxic friendships

Thank you @letitgo!
It's okay! All learning experiences Smiley Happy