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Lonely and Bored

I'm lonely and bored and I have no friends. What do I do? I don't go to school. 

Re: Lonely and Bored

Hi @bmitc84


It might seem like socialising and making friends is near impossible outside of school, and it makes sense to think that way, especially since for more or less 12 years your friends are usually the people you like at school. However, even if you don't attend school, it is still possible for you to make new friends. Do you know of any hobby clubs or sports teams you could be a part of in your area? Or perhaps you could make friends through social media.


You could even connect with people here on RO! Feel free to introduce yourself and post around in threads which interest you. Of course, we all have usernames for anonymity, but that doesn't mean the relationships forged here are any less legitimate.


What do you think? Smiley Happy

Re: Lonely and Bored

Have a look at and look for groups/activities that fit your interests. Smiley Happy When I'm bored, I have several interests to fall back on such as reading a great new book, learning coding, drawing...
But sometimes social interaction is the thing I need. I'll visit a family member or plan to try a restaurant with a friend, etc.

What interests do you have?