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Lately I have been feeling nothing but heartache, sadness and anger. At times it hit's me for no reason and at times it's because people don't notice I'm struggling and it's hard to say a single word without being told I'm going to be fine when really I have never been fine. I'm afraid to let myself be happy because it can never last long enough for me to enjoy, so instead I let myself hurt. I don't the accept the feeling of happiness anymore, I have completely lost interest in everything and everyone. I can never leave my room without feeling like I'm worthless.

Can anyone give me any helpful advice?

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Hey @Nesianluv . I think you are very brave for reaching out and telling people about this. That takes courage! I wondered, are you in school or uni or anything like that? 


I am sorry you are feeling so down at the moment. Those are strong emotions and it really sounds like you want to talk to people or someone about it, even if they would just ask you how you are? Am I getting that right? Thank you for sharing this. 


Has there been anyone that you have told about this or someone you feel like you want to tell? Opening up can be really hard. I'm actually struggling with this myself as I just started seeing a new psychologist. 


I think my tip would be to practice self-care.  Do you know or use any self-care strategies?

I am always here if you need <3 


And I know Kids Helpline is really great too. I hope this helps. 

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Hi @Nesianluv . What you're going through seems really tough. Has anything happened recently that might have prompted these feelings, or do you feel like you've felt this way for a while? 


I really empathise with you about being scared to feel happy. I remember so many times when I've recognised that a spark of happiness bloomed inside me, and I immediately shoved it down because I was so scared that the feeling wouldn't last. For me, it was also partly because I believed I didn't deserve to feel happy, which was so damaging and detrimental to myself.


It took a long time for me to accept that I am someone who deserves to feel happy. I can understand how you might be feeling worthless and alone, especially since you say that the people around you don't notice your struggles, and these feelings definitely don't make it any easier. @mspaceK  had a great tip about trying to practice self care, directing compassion at yourself. Is there anything you like to do that helps you relax and rewind?


One thought that has sometimes helped me about self worth is to think, "would I say these sort of things about the people who I love?". If not, I took it as a sign that I was being harsh on myself. 


Hope this helped you feel maybe a little less alone, and always know that everyone here is more than happy to listen and try help! Heart

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Thank you!!! I have been out of school for a while because of the way I have been feeling It has stopped me from going and communicating with others. I have mentioned a couple of times about the way I have been feeling to someone I know but it never really gets through to that person so I recieve the same answer everytime which is "You'll be fine" I felt like I couldnt reachout to anybody but I would love to but I am finding that difficult.

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Hey @Nesianluv. I completely understand how you feel. I was like that, and I still am. I'm here to chat if you need.

Hey, do you like music too? You're avatar picture is a piano. I play Violin, that's why I have a violin as my picture!

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Hey @xXLexi_Lou122Xx its nice to know someone understands and yeah I am in love with music I actually sing!!

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hi @skyedre thank you!! I have been feeling like this for a while my days have been really hard. Thanks for understanding. The only thing that seems to help me relax is music and going for walks. I guess I may be hard on myself because I think I don't deserve a lot of things.

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@Nesianluv, You do deserve support, and a lot of other things too.

I sing too! What's you're favourite song to sing?

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Hey @Nesianluv. Here is a link for a music thread that I created.


I hope it helps, I know that it should help some people. Including me.      

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@xXLexi_Lou122Xx  thank you so much!!! and my favourite song to sing is MIDNIGHT BLUES by UMI you should give it a listen