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Making a housewarming party for a friend

Hey everyone,

I'm F and I'm happy to join the quad at RO. A couple of friends and I are doing a housewarming party for an old friend we used to be really close with in high school. During his second year, had some rought patches with his family and took off to Western Australia with his mum. We've kept little contact during the past years but now we were told that he's returning to his old home in Sydney and we wish to surprise him with a small housewarming party. Just a few close friends and some food + punch - nothing special.

We were looking at some local catering agencies and cleaners to help us with the mess after the party and also are looking for a good way to surprise him without making him feel uncomfortable for the whole organization. We welcome any ideas and suggestions on how to make this great for him.



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Re: Making a housewarming party for a friend

Thanks for the edit. I will keep that in mind.


Re: Making a housewarming party for a friend

Something that I find fun at parties (Im not a big party person) is playing games.

Board games are great because they get everyone involved and interacting and you have something to focus on if you are finding it hard to make conversation or feeling a little shy.
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