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Making friends while travelling.

Hi reachout , 


I'm keen to plan a solo trip to travel on my own. 


im looking to do some sight seeing and visit Phuket. 


How can one make friends when there on holiday ? 


I thought of joining a pubcrawl but are other ways to make friends while on the road ? 


I've just felt isolated lately after leaving Australia. 


Please advise me. bunnywalks


Re: Making friends while travelling.

Hey @BunnyWalks I found that going on a tour with a tour group was one way to make friends, although if you want to travel by yourself, it wouldn't be ideal.


I've never been on a pubcrawl. Is that something you think you'd enjoy?

If you wouldn't enjoy it, then it's probably not the best way to go about meeting people/making friends.


Looking forward to hearing from you Smiley Happy 

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Re: Making friends while travelling.

I reckon I could it's basically bar hoping with a group and nightlife tour.

Re: Making friends while travelling.

Hey @BunnyWalks How fun is travelling? Solo travel can be really fun and exciting but it’s also really nice to share/make those memories with other people.

I’ve thought about a few things that might help...

- Staying in a hostel. 

Many like minders travellers will be staying in these sort of locations so you may bump into someone there, even if you aren’t in their room there are usually communal spaces, like tv rooms etc. It definitely can be a bit daunting but a simple hello where are you going/coming from? Can spark a much bigger conversation. A couple of tips if you choose this idea:

- Headphones are a must

- If you are lucky (or unlucky depends on what is happening in your room) to score a bottom bunk, make it a little cubby house by draping down sheets, blankets, towels, jackets, whatever. I’m not saying isolate yourself but yeah I kind of am... you’ll know why if you decide to stay in hostel, same with the headphones *shudders*


My second idea is a bit more complex, in a way, I guess. 

- Planned group tours. 

I have done one of these before and before I did it I was like ugh no thanks, but while I was there it was the best thing. Three of the biggest companies that do these are Topdeck, Contiki and Indrepid. I know that intrepid have more of a going out into the real thing instead sitting in bus going to the touristy spots kind of vibe, which from word of mouth and friends experiences much of what the other two are like, they are probably really good but if you want to go off the beaten track a little bit and be a bit more adventurous then may not be for you so much. The best thing is, you can go and meet 10 or so other people also travelling solo, make a bunch of new friends but also hang out and do your own thing sometimes too, but know you have the back up and support of the travel crew who have your logistics sorted. 

You could also do group day trips, which may help you to meet new people. 

There is also a company called BusAbout, slightly similar to the above ideas but you jump on and off the tour group as you please, so if you’re feeling confident, you can jump off in one spot, get back on a few days later meet a few people then jump off and hang out with them for a bit, then go somewhere else. Look it up for more info. 


Let me know if you have any questions. I’ve done a bit of solo travel, a bit of travel with friends and a bit of the solo but in a group of strangers stuff. 

Re: Making friends while travelling.

Hi @saltwaterdreamtime,

Would you happen to know where would an appropriate place to discuss travel plans ?

Reach out is great but I may not find what I'm looking for all the time ?

Re: Making friends while travelling.

Hey @BunnyWalks LonelyPlanet and TripAdvisor have online forums if that’s what you’re after, just keep yourself safe if you decide to use them. 

There may be Facebook groups for travelling too, you’ll have to do a bit of searching though. 

If you’re looking for advice on places and stuff like that you can always talk to a travel agent, just talking to them it doesn’t mean you have to accept their offer or pay anything, but they often have heaps of experience travelling. 


I just found a Facebook group - Backpacking Thailand. Am I right in saying that’s the area you are headed?? 

Australian Backpackers and Thailand Backpacker Group also seem like good options. 

Again, just be mindful of what you say or who you tell different things to on them but worth checking out. 

Re: Making friends while travelling.

Hey @BunnyWalks another place you could try to get more information is your local flight centre or an equivalent shop. They generally will have information on day trips and the best spots for people based on age/interests - even if you don't book through them it's a great way to get info and book later yourself Smiley Happy


I have also found that hotels I'm staying at often offer packages at the front desk so perhaps look into that - it would be a great way to meet people in your hotel/hostel too. 


Travelling solo is a great idea, something I am yet to do but I think you will learn so much on this trip! I am very excited for you Smiley Happy

Re: Making friends while travelling.

I like making friends during the traveling, especially when they give useful advice Smiley Happy

One of them made for me a drink which was the concicting of protein, milk, and banana. It was awesome and changed my life. Now I'm drinking protein shakes every day !!


Re: Making friends while travelling.

Hi @Shack123 and welcome to ReachOut! Isn't that amazing that meeting someone travelling has helped you find something you enjoy each day!

What would be your advice for those who are looking to make friends while travelling?

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