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Making time to go out

Going out to events and mingling definitely helped me feel like I was apart of a city or celebration


I went to the st Kilda festival last year and it felt cool to wander and admire st Kilda from things like acland street and the beach.


Also it suited my budget as no way mum and dad would pass me 200 Aud for ticks.


I only wished to be brave enough to say hello to strangers.


I invite RO gang to share some of memorable events they have attended in Australia or Abroad and how did you socialize ?


Re: Making time to go out

Hi @BunnyWalks I'm glad you were able to attend the St Kilda festival last year and found it enjoyable.


Going to events like that is definitely a great way to address loneliness or even just meet new people. I like going to events like literary festivals, because I enjoy reading and writing. And I also like going to concerts. Smiley Happy 

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Re: Making time to go out

hey @BunnyWalks it's great to hear that you did something to lift your mood up Smiley Happy here's hoping there's a lot more good weather and great festivals to attend!


i think some of my fave events i attended have been just browsing farmer's markets and stuff...i love going by myself and seeing all the different produce and tasty food! plus a lot of people bring their dogs and it's great giving them pats