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Medical certificates

Hey RO

So recently, I've been feeling pretty bad mental wise and it's making me lose sleep. This means I'm not up to going to school the next day. As I'm in year 12, medical certificates are pretty important when you're absent (Not everyday but when there's an upccoming assessment) so how can I go about getting one? I the past, if it has been a physical illness, I was able to just go into any GP and be able to get a quick diagnosis and certificate. but it seems harder to get one from my psychologist as they are only able to see you if you have an appointment, not allowing walk-ins like some GPs, so how should I go about getting a valid medical certificate? My other issue is that I am not currently seeing a psychologist, with my current mental situaition being quite recent. Am I able to refer the school to my past psychologist/psychiatrist for information and thus be able to provide a valid and sufficient reason for my absence?


Re: Medical certificates

Hey @drhalloween 


Usually, at times where you can't provide a medical certificate you can use a statutoy declaration. These are documents that you sign (and get witnessed by someone like a chemist) to promise or swear that you have been unwell.


It's a bit odd that your school makes you provide a medical certificate and this sort of stuff though? I was sick a lot during my VCE years due to mental health reasons and they never asked me for a certificate. Maybe you should speak to someone at your school about what you're going with so they will be more understanding? I know it's tough but it's worth it if they will give you some extra support Smiley Happy


If medical certificates are something you think you will need this year why don't you go and chat to a gp. It would be worth knowing you have some additional support if you need it, and then you won't have to worry about stat decs or coming up with excuses for being away from class!


Best of luckSmiley Happy


Re: Medical certificates

hey @drhalloween - a GP should be able to provide you with a medical certificate for any health matter regardless of whether it's physical or mental health.

If you wanted to clarify, try calling health direct first before going into see your GP.
1800 022 222




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Re: Medical certificates

Hey @drhalloween I can't see any real reason why you couldn't refer your school to your previous psychologist /psychiatrist so they can get some information on what's going on for you in your life. However, each person / organisation is different so it would be best just to check with both your previous psychologist and your school that this works for them.  I do agree with @lanejane and @Sophie-RO though - talking to your GP would be a good place to start even though it's to do with mental health.


If there's one thing I would advise you to do, it's to get this on your school's radar early, particularly if you feel it may affect your assessments / class marks / exams / HSC etc etc. Certain processes (ie. getting extra or help for exams) can take a while to arrange and can't always be done if left to the last minute. 


Best of luck for year 12!



Re: Medical certificates

Definitely agree with @KitKat with that one. Make sure you let them be aware of whats going on! Support is an amazing thing, especially going through a hard time like grade 12