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Mental health, stigma and umm rap music?

Hey guys.
Let me first start off by saying i don't normally get caught up in celebrity feuds and dramas and I promise I won’t make a habit of making threads about it. I just think some of you may find this interesting and i also wanted to like-minded people to vent to haha. Smiley Tongue
So a few of my favourite rap and R&B artists have started coming out with some serious lyrics relating to mental illness. From suicidal thoughts right down to the medication they take to help. I thought this was admirable as the rap scene is kind of seen as a tough "don’t talk about your feelings" environment. Recently one of my favourite rapper's (Kid Cudi) posted to he's social media account announcing that he was checking himself into mental health rehab for anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. A few days before this however he began a public feud with a few other well-known rappers. Now since he has gone into rehab one of those rappers (Drake) who he was/is feuding with has released a "dis track" Putting him down and making fun/light of he's mental health issues. I thought this was really low.

It scares me that Drake who is kind of well known for being one of the more "sensitive" rappers and almost kid or teen friendly, would publicly shame Cudi who was brave enough to speak out. Like you might be feuding with the dude but don't drag he's mental health into it. Social Media has since BLOWN UP and it seems EVEERYONE is on kid cudi's side. So I’m clearly not the only one who has been irritated by this. Ill post a link to the article below but I guess my point of this thread is to highlight the fact that even though this awful stigma around mental illness still exists the majority of people will stand up against it and I think that’s pretty awesome. Smiley Happy

Re: Mental health, stigma and umm rap music?

Hey @GingerSnowflake, thanks heaps for starting this gem of a thread. As a rap/hip hop fan I would definitely like to chime in on this one! For starters, Drake has been acting off ever since Meek called him out for being fake in the industry. This latest beef is completely founded on insecurity, and it's a low blow. Many of his peers have mental illness including Kanye (who he also called out recently) as well as Kendrick.


I think the most ridiculous line in the track is you stay xan and perked up so when reality set in you don't gotta face it. Genuinely calling out symptoms of mental health as an overall joke, I think he is just on the back foot with everyone lately, but in a weird way it's also pretty good publicity for mental illness within the rap community and most of the hip hop community has Cudi's back which I am stoked to see.

Re: Mental health, stigma and umm rap music?

@GingerSnowflake, I can't begin to think about how the pressures of publicity and social media interact with Kid Cudi's struggles. To think that Drake would use that in his diss just escapes me, mental health is so important and an aspect of vulnerability for so many people! 

I'm so glad to hear that people have been on Kid Cudi's side. 

Not cool Drake, not cool Smiley Surprised

Re: Mental health, stigma and umm rap music?

@GingerSnowflake I don't really listen to rap music, so I hadn't heard about this feud/song but I'm so glad you brought it up because I think it really is something that needs to be spoken about! Music and especially celebrities can be so powerful when it comes to inlfuencing public opinion and when they use that influence to foster rather than eliminate stigma, I really don't like it... 

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