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Mental health 🦕

Mental health is a difficult thing, there are physical signs that show you have a mental illness and alot of people in this generation have  mental health issues one in ten  teens  self harm in Australia that could be your best friend, brother or sister and the thing with self harm is we try so hard to hide it, I guess what I'm trying to say is that we need more education on mentall illnesses because so many of us have a mental illness and we just don't talk about it. We need to bring awareness to mental health and the school arnt telling us much about mental illness unless we talk to a counselor. Luckily I do talk to a counselor she is supporting and kind and is teaching me how to cope with a  mental illness.

Re: Mental health 🦕

Hey @Maryhadalittlelamb welcome to the forum! 


I couldn't agree with you more - mental health is very common and often people will struggle with it themselves and not talk about. Just by talking about it, in places like this forum or with your friends/family, you break the stigma around mental health and show people we shouldn't be afraid to talk about it. 


With regards to your school not talking about it - is there anyone you could talk to at school, perhaps the counsellor even, about creating mental health awareness at school? 


I am very happy to hear you are enjoying seeing your counsellor, we are always here too if you need any extra support Smiley Happy

Re: Mental health 🦕

Thank you @lennycat2017


I wish we could break the stigma about mental health it would make alot of people's lives easier, I could talk to AS as she has nbeea big help but the school counselor has taken time of and won't be in ynunt next term. And thank you for offering support 🦕

Re: Mental health 🦕

Hi @lennycat2017 


Thank you for your kind words,  but  I think I just gonna leave the forum for a bit and focus on my mental health a bit, I'm going to go talk to AS tommorow and I think I just need time to think about things for a bit but thankyou for your support x  (I'm safe btw if your wondering) by for now 🦕🦕😊