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Messed Up Sleep Schedules

Hi guys!


So as you can tell by the time I'm going to post this, it's late. Or really it's early in the morning. 

I've always had trouble sleeping but the past two weeks or so I can't seem to get to sleep before 3am. I can't seem to even be bothered to go to bed and it feels like something is stopping me.

A lot of the time I feel like I end up just sitting around wanting to talk to someone. Sometimes I have friends that are also still awake but they're not the people I want to talk to so I just end up just scrolling through these forums to see how everyone is doing.

Any tips on how I find the will to get up and go to bed or how I can work towards making some changes so it doesn't get worse?

I guess its time for me to get to bed now. Hope whoever reads this is doing well Smiley Very Happy

Re: Messed Up Sleep Schedules

Hi @Rattata 


Thanks for sharing! I'm sorry to hear about your issues with sleep.


It might be a good idea to read about the importance of sleep, to motivate you to get a good sleep routine going. You might want to try getting up early and exercising throughout the day if you don't already, so that you feel sleepy around an appropriate time (but don't exercise right before bed because that will likely keep you up).


Another idea is to get off your device and read, because being on a device may be causing you to stay awake. It might be a good idea to get into a good bed routine, so that when you engage in the bed routine, your body knows that it's bed-time. This might include doing something like reading or showering before bed. I also recommend switching off the lights when you want to sleep if you don't already. You might also benefit from telling yourself "I'll talk to people tomorrow" and make an active effort to talk to people throughout the day so that you've had enough social stimulation by the night time. 


Let us know how you go!

Re: Messed Up Sleep Schedules

hey @Rattata
i also have quite awful sleeping patterns which have turned into chronic insomnia now but ive tried lots of things and am happy to share with you!

some ideas to try:
-try to exercise in the late afternoon-i found if i done some exercise even a walk it helped to reduce some pent up energy before going to bed
-trying a sleep or relaxation guided meditation
-i found lavender essential oil in a diffuser and placed on certain parts of my skin (they are called trigger points for sleep) helped me to relax quite abit
-making sure youve done any chores or homework that needs to be done is finished. for me if i know something is sitting there waiting to be done i cant really sleep
-i know many people say to stay away from your device but ive found playing card games like solitaire or word search to be helpful as i start to tire out

hope this might help abit! i can think of other tips too but i dont want to overwhelm you
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Messed Up Sleep Schedules

Thanks @Maddy-RO and @scared01

Thanks for the advice! I know all the usual stuff, which I try to do and I usually have good and bad fluctuations with insomnia. I have a lot of techniques that I cycle through pretty frequently.

Though lately, it's not really the getting to sleep that's the problem. Like right now, I just feel no will to go to bed. I've noticed in the past week it is actually much worse when I've gotten some uni work done in the afternoon and night. It's almost like I feel like I can't leave my desk because that would mean I'm not going to get any more done. I'm usually not a very productive or motivated person when it comes to schooling so I feel as if I have to hold onto that productive feeling.

Re: Messed Up Sleep Schedules

Hey @Rattata , 


I can really relate to that cycle of super late nights, especially when you're studying.. I'm also someone who would often find my 'flow' after 11pm with uni work and then find it incredibly hard to switch off. It was especially bad when I had my desk in my bedroom, because it was always literally visible and so I'd find it really hard to switch out of work mode.  One thing that helped me was making a really conscious effort to switch things up with how I studied- I would try and go to either my local library or uni library and treat that as my 'job' for the times that I'd set aside to work.  


It sounds like you're all over the sleep hygiene stuff so I won't go through that again! The only other thing I wanted to mention is whether or not you've chatted to a GP about your sleep issues? There's a few things that they can look into that can contribute to insomnia as well as possible treatments if things are really bad. 


I hope you were able to have a sleep in today - sending you lots of restful vibes. As someone who's experienced some bad bouts of insomnia in the past I really feel for you - it really does suck, and I hope that things improve for you soon.




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Re: Messed Up Sleep Schedules

Hey @Janine-RO 
There have been some better days but it's still a struggle. It's nice to hear from someone who can relate, I also don't really find my workflow till late at night but if it's a day that I will have to be up earlier I usually can switch off at a more reasonable time (that still usually being after 12am though). I also really struggle with getting motivated to do anything at all on most days and when that happens I still find myself stuck at my desk feeling guilty about my unproductivity.
Thank you for mentioning going to my GP, I haven't even thought about that. My old GP did give me a prescription that I used when I was 10 but it hadn't even crossed my mind. Smiley Happy

Re: Messed Up Sleep Schedules

Hey @Rattata 


This is such a tough spot to be in, struggling with sleep can be so tricky - and so cyclical when we feel to tired to do things then guilty about not doing them and then exhausted by guilt - have definitely been there, i feel you!

Let us know how you go with your GP, I hope they are able to give you some ideas to get you back on track Heart