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Mindful habits to pick up in 2019

Hi RO fam, 


I got rid of FB and did some yoga.  My mind's just feeling alert now. Now I also want to get rid of my youtube account. ( Jesus the ads are relentless)


I have been doing a lot of walking. 


I would like to know from a practicing qualified expert on what ways can I take care of myself this year be mindful and focused ?


Being away from support and in aus@@@ Australia taught me you can't take the world on your own.


Help can help you and asserting your identity is not an instant process.


It's okay to hurt and be vulnerable around trusted people. Honestly communication to help you and your receiver benefits both of you.







Re: Mindful habits to pick up in 2019

Hi @BunnyWalks its sounds like you've made some good progress. I especially agree that going things alone isn't always possible and everyone needs help! I also love that you're allowing yourself to be vulnerable to the people you trust. These are amazing things to acknowledge and you should be proud of yourself for trying to practice these thoughts/habits Heart


Can I ask what you mean by "practicing qualified expert"? Who would you like to speak to about taking care of yourself? 


Re: Mindful habits to pick up in 2019

Sure @Libellule.

I have considered seeing a therapist for this to get into a mindful lifestyle.

Excercising and time away from the screen would be a good way to start this. I can't take all this information thrown at me all the time.

My mind will get Rocky when it needs to be in cruise control.

Re: Mindful habits to pick up in 2019

Seeing a therapist sounds like a great idea @BunnyWalks Smiley Happy They can often be a great help in getting into a new lifestyle.

It sounds like you have a good idea of what you can do to start this mindful journey, both exercising and having time away from screens are great ways of taking a break.

I hope it all goes well! Smiley Happy


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: Mindful habits to pick up in 2019

Hey @BunnyWalks, just checking in to see how you are going?

Re: Mindful habits to pick up in 2019


Im on hols for a family ceremony.

Re: Mindful habits to pick up in 2019

Hey @BunnyWalks thanks for checking in, it can be great to be around family to reconnect.

Re: Mindful habits to pick up in 2019

Hey @BunnyWalks social media breaks, yoga and going for walks are some really great ways of taking care of yourself. Have you been finding these things helpful? Smiley Happy