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Missing someone

(not a break-up question)

But does anyone want to share ways to deal with the pain of missing someone, or more than one person, (or an entire community) who you love very much? 

Re: Missing someone

I don't have much advice on this just yet but I'm about to start suffering from this very soon as I'm about to move 7000kms away from the person I love most. So I hope others have good advice! Smiley Happy

Re: Missing someone

I think keeping busy and doing a lot of self care is important. My boyfriend is in a different country and I miss him everyday and some days hurt more than most but I keep busy and talk to him as much as I can. I also have most of my family in a different country and I think about them often and miss them very much but I think having hope is important like I will see them again, you just have to find a small light in your situation Smiley Happy 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Missing someone

i miss my mum like crazy. and i thought i'd never say this but i guess i do miss my younger sister as well despite how annoying she can be. but it's okay most of the time cause i call them often enough that's it's bugging them lol.

omg today i got a letter !
it was from my mum.
she definitely loves me hahaha
really made my day.
who gets hand written letters these days.

love a handwritten letter.
i'm gonna send a few handwritten letters Smiley Happy

Re: Missing someone

Well, when I was around 8 my family and I moved up from NSW to QLD away from all my friends. I still miss them heaps and I try my best to keep in touch with them. We converse my sending letters to each other. I usually just did things to distract myself from it, sometimes I would complain to mum about moving up here then I'd do one of my hobbies or just surf the web. I made new friends too and that helped, but I also never forget them, I always remember the good stuff and well, I'm not the best person because I have different views and feelings to other people but it just doesn't bother me that much. 

Re: Missing someone

The concept of missing someone is something we are forced to face constantly throughout different stages of our lives. Missing someone can be because of distance, change forced upon us, death, a relationship break down, how busy we are etc etc. But the similiarities of how we feel arise in many situations because we are feeling a sense of absense.


In any situation where we miss someone i think it is important to acknowledge how you are feeling. Yes it is good to keep busy and distract yourself, but enable yourself to have some moments where you are sad, frustrated, overwhelmed. Give yourself the time and space to adapt to what you are missing. Sometimes we can actively change our feelings of missing someone by making contact with them, but in other cases this is not an option. In these instances sometimes it is about accepting what we can not change. 


We all cope and manage in different ways. Overtime I have missed many people and the hardest experiences I have encountered are the ones where you can't change the fact you miss a person. You loose a sense of control because in these circumstances there is absolutely nothing to do but try and deal with it the best you can. I have recently decided that in these situations I am going to do my best to accept WHY I miss them, rather than try and change it.



Re: Missing someone

Sometimes the feeling that comes from missing someone we love very much can be overwhelming and make it difficult to think about anything else. Most importantly, I think it's important to focus on anything else that we like to do and makes us happy. If this isn't a break up question as you say and we will see this person again (or community), reminding ourselves of the reason why we can't see them (ie. move because of uni, family illness etc.), will make you feel more secure about their absence. As for the loneliness, speaking to them often by phone or catching up with old/new friends could really help too.

Re: Missing someone

i miss my girlfriend everyday i go to uni or work. i cant wait to come home to see her face.

the longer im away the more we miss each other.

the best way to not miss someone is to keep yourself busy  so you dont have to really really miss some one

Re: Missing someone

Thanks graphiqual for starting this thread


I realised you never know when you would lose someone. It is a different story when your best friend suddenly gives you the cold shoulder to hearing the news that another friend has passed away. So this is very relevant to me right now - knowing how to cope with missing someone.


What I am trying to do:

1) Talk to someone. I am on Lifeline chat atm

2) Keep busy (it is a good distraction like others said)

3) Cry a bit (it is ok to let it out sometimes)

4) Treat yourself, don't make it harder by critising yourself when life gets hard.

=> Like go and see a movie (I wanna see Monster University)