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Morning / bedtime routine

Hey everyone!


What's everyone's morning and bedtime routines?

I am finding it so hard to get to sleep every night and thought I'd start this thread to get some input Smiley Happy

Re: Morning / bedtime routine

@dncinginthedirt Heyy! That is such a great questionSmiley Very Happy


For me my bedtime routine is that I usually go to bed by 9 or 9:30pm and the one thing that has helped me get better sleep is not keeping my phone nearby, because social media is such a thing that you could just end up scrolling feeds or sending memes to people for 2 hours without even realising it Smiley LOL 


My morning routine comprises of waking up at 6:30 or 7am because I like going to the gym early which helps me stay active during the day. Otherwise I might just end up sleeping till 10am especially on the days when I don't have work.


Overall, I believe in sleeping early and rising up early Smiley Happy

Re: Morning / bedtime routine

hey @dncinginthedirt,


i like your username Smiley Happy 


for me, in the morning, it's the usual - getting up and get dressed, brush teeth/wash face, make lunch for later, have breakfast.. also sometimes i have green tea so i feel a bit more awake (not sure if it actually makes me feel more awake but it feels like part of a routine)

night - brush teeth, floss, wash face. it's been busy the past week so i've just been so tired i fall asleep. i agree with @DIVYA in avoiding using the mobile phone before sleeping - otherwise, i could end up sleeping really late. i'll make sure the 'blue light filter' is on the mobile if i have to use it. but for the past week, i know i have to get enough sleep to drive the next morning so i try to avoid using the mobile at all. i've also found that i fall asleep to audiobooks - but i guess this is sometimes annoying when i don't remember which section i'm up to haha. but maybe it doesn't matter if it's just any audiobook and you're not super interested in listening to it in full. 


here's a ReachOut page with suggestions on getting a good night's sleep that might be helpful Smiley Happy


Re: Morning / bedtime routine

Hi @cupcakes_032 


Thank you, I wish I could actually live up to my username more haha

Thanks that info link is helpful.

Using my phone in bed is my biggest problem. I feel it's irresistible to check tomorrow weather, scroll through facebook for the millionth time, check who's online on messenger (even though I'm not talking to any of them!), etc

Re: Morning / bedtime routine

Great idea for a thread @dncinginthedirt I've been thinking about this a lot lately!

@cupcakes_032 the blue light filter is a good one to use Smiley Happy

I always have water and cereal in the mornings - definitely a breakfast person! I've recently also been doing yoga in the mornings and it's been so nice to wake up in this way and know that I've done some exercise for the day. I've been on holidays though so it's been easy to fit it in - it'll be challenging to see how I can fit it into a busier schedule.

If I know I'll be in a rush (early morning) the next day I always set up the things I need to bring with me and wear the next day. Another thing I like to do is go to sleep with a note pad or my diary next to me so I can jot things down if anything important comes to me while I'm trying to go to sleep.

Lately I have been on a screen until just before bed which I know is terrible - sometimes I do a meditation on the 'headspace' app before sleep which I find really helps. I also like journalling occasionally which is helpful if my mind is really busy (when isn't it?!) haha. I need to find a good book to read asap Smiley Tongue

Re: Morning / bedtime routine

This is a wonderful thread @dncinginthedirt! Just letting you know I've moved this into Everyday Life as I'm sure many people can benefit from looking through different morning and evening routines. 

Thank you for sharing yours @DIVYA, @cupcakes_032 and @May_! Smiley Happy


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: Morning / bedtime routine

Hi everyone! I thought I'd check in again since starting this thread and let everyone know what I've been doing to help with my routine.


I have stuck sticky notes 1 on the bathroom mirror that lists for the morning

- breakfast

- take meds

- wash face

- brush teeth

- get dressed


And 1 sticky note on the kitchen wall that lists for night

- wash dishes

- wipe benches 

- hang up clothes

- lock car door (coz I just have a habit of not doing it straight away)

- shower


And it has been helping me get to sleep by listening to Smiling Mind sleep meditation in bed and also refusing to look at phone

Re: Morning / bedtime routine

I'm going to echo everyone here and say i love this thread idea @dncinginthedirt! Heart (i'm a fan of sticky-note reminders too Smiley Tongue )
There've been some really awesome routine ideas too that i might just pinch Smiley Wink

In the morning i usually like to have a shower, do my makeup and have coffee before i get started with my day or talk too much with people. I find it's a really peaceful way to transition from sleepiness to wakefulness (or dezombify really). 

I'm such a night owl that i struggle to set myself a nighttime routine, but i usually try to stretch before going to bed. I've been trying to work in some meditation as well (results do vary Smiley Tongue)

We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: Morning / bedtime routine

This thread is just what I needed @dncinginthedirt ! I'm such a night owl and always oversleep in the mornings but recently I have been trying to get up at the same time everyday. It's helped me start getting to bed at a more reasonable hour too because I'm a little tired from my new early mornings!
I have a pair of those cooling eye masks which I put on as soon as I wake up to stop me from just falling back asleep (plus they reduce my morning puffiness) and I've also found making my bed to be really helpful so I'm not tempted to snuggle back up. After a shower I'm usually wide awake!

As for my night time routine, that's still a WIP, guilty of binge watching TV in bed. I should definitely try to swap this for reading to reduce screen time though!

Re: Morning / bedtime routine

My morning routine is dependent on what time I start on work, but generally consists of shower, coffee, breakfast.


My night-time routine is a little more complex because sleep is something that I've been struggling with for quite a while but I've found the following helpful for my own situation. 

  • I try to go to bed at the same time everyday to develop good sleeping patterns. Right now its 9:30pm 
  • I don't use technology (phone, tv, iPod) 45 minutes before bed to help unwind as these things stimulate your brain and keep you awake.
  • I wear blue light blocking glasses from the time the sun goes down until I'm ready to crawl in bed again for the same reasons as above.
  • Without trying to plug a product but I've found Lush's Sleepy body lotion and Twilight body/room spray very helpful for me. Its a lovely lavender concoction that's dreamy and relaxing that I pop on once I've had my shower and spray onto my pillows and makes me feel restful and ready for sleep.
  • I also have started wearing an eye mask to bed to help me relax and keep my eyes closed when im struggling to sleep, as I would previously just grab my phone out of frustration and go on social media for hours.