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Re: Morning / bedtime routine

@dncinginthedirt how have you been going with your routines over the last week or so? 

@Maddyw so great to hear those things help you, I especially like the idea of the eye mask to stop you looking at your phone!  


I’ve been putting off having a proper schedule for ages but in the next couple of weeks I want to start using one, below is my plan that I’ve made!



- get up ~7:30 and make my bed 

- workout for 20 min, I’m using the ADF active app to plan workouts

- shower and get dressed 

- eat breakfast, brush teeth 



- turn off electronics ~9pm, make a cup of chamomile/decaf tea and read for 1/2 hour 

- set my alarm and get clothes out for the next day

- brush my teeth and put on pajamas 

- 20 min of yoga then climb into bed and think about my fave fictional characters until I can fall asleep 




Re: Morning / bedtime routine

@lennycat2017 cooling eye masks??? To stop you from going back to sleep!?? Wow. That sounds amazing. I must look them up

Re: Morning / bedtime routine

Hi @DruidChild thanks for following up with this and sharing your routine Smiley Happy


Hmm..the last week has been slightly better. But there are definitely some things I still need to improve - for example, not going back to sleep after I drop my son off at daycare! It makes me feel like the biggest bum when I do that.

I have found that just settling down on the couch after dinner with a pillow and blanket watching tv for a few hours has helped me wind down before I go to bed. I just got a new mattress delivered and tonight will be the first night I sleep on it so I'm excited for that! My old mattress was like sleeping in a wok!

Re: Morning / bedtime routine

You’re welcome @dncinginthedirt Smiley Happy Did you enjoy your new mattress? That sounds really nice! Watching tv for a bit sounds like a good idea, comforting shows can definitely help me wind down too. How old is your son? I can imagine if you still have to get up in the night with him it makes getting a good night’s sleep a lot harder! Heart

Re: Morning / bedtime routine

Hey @dncinginthedirt I hope you’re doing well ❤️ How’ve you been today? Thinking of you xx