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Moving On and Self-Compassion.

Hey Reachout , I need to express this for my own self awareness and evaluation. 


I have failed to accomplish a sizable goal and lacked orientation along the way. 


Along the way, I did grow in ways I cant due to reasons I can't control and I did fall and got hurt.


I did my best to solve what I could.


I can't control everything and get every desired outcome. 


I can figure things out mindfully during this down time.


I'm moving on slowly right now to new horizons.


Right now I tell myself , bunnywalks,.


You can make the changes you need to.


It's okay. You can't bend the world. Moving on to different aspirations are okay. Move on with you.


You can be brave enough and have the courage to put in your best efforts.


You deserve help along the way to guide you in the right direction.


You allowed to encourage yourself to be in a better position.


Be there for you. *Hugs*











Re: Moving On and Self-Compassion.

I love this @BunnyWalks
Very insightful and supportive to yourself.
I especially liked how you said that you are brave enough and have the courage to put in your best efforts.
Keep it up! Smiley Happy

Re: Moving On and Self-Compassion.

Appreciate you reading this @missep

Re: Moving On and Self-Compassion.

This is such a lovely post @BunnyWalks Heart

I really agree with you, even if things don't go exactly to plan, being kind to yourself and accepting that you can only control certain things in life is a really helpful mindset. Though definitely not an easy one! 
I hope this year brings you the change you are looking for Heart

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