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Moving out and starting a new job

I was just wondering if any members had tips or experiences they'd be willing to share with me around moving out of home? I'm moving out this weekend to start a full time job in another town (14 hours from home). I've never lived out of home before and I'm feeling a bit daunted about it so I would love to read other people's experiences and/or get some tips if people are willing to share them Smiley Happy




Re: Moving out and starting a new job

I did this a couple of years ago (ie. move out to different city for job) and it's pretty awesome. Can seem scary at first (I'd never even been to the grocery store by myself before I moved lol) but it's great once you get the hang of it.


What sort of tips are you after?


Re: Moving out and starting a new job

Hey @delicatedreamer congrats & good luck on moving out of home


here are a few GR sessions we did that may help you


Living with others

Being happy, healthy... and thrifty

sometimes it rains, sometimes it shines, this is how flowers grow

Re: Moving out and starting a new job

Hey @delicatedreamer , I just wanted to pop in and say good luck! I'm so excited for you!


I still live at home so I don't have any stories to share with you but I would definitely suggest that you remember that thrift stores / op shops are your friend! You can pick up a lot of cool things second-hand (and even new) from thrift stores that are useful when you first move out, including furniture and kitchen stuff like pots, pans, cups & plates etc. If you're looking to buy furniture I would first find out how much you would expect to pay brand new first though because op shops are either normally a really good bargain or stupidly overpriced.


Bargain / dollar stores are also really good to pick up a few basic plates or containers etc. I'm not sure if they have it near you but there's a Japanese store called Daiso in Sydney where the maximum price is $2.80 and they sell all useful homeware things like untensils, cute cups and hip plates etc. As a bonus, they sell a lot of japanese-themed products too. 


Re: Moving out and starting a new job

I'm still living at home at the minute, but I did live overseas for a bit! I hope you enjoy the independence, I LOVED it and found it so hard when I moved back to Australia and back in with my family. 


I would often on the weekends make big batches of food that I could freeze and then when I got home at the end of a long day I wouldn't have to cook. This might be helpful for your first few weeks whilst you settle in because starting a new job can be exhausting!! 


I really enjoyed getting to know the new area I was in. It was fun finding new cafes to chill out in, good and cheap restaurants and take away I could treat myself to and take my friends and family to when the visited. In saying that, living out of home is wayyyyy more expensive than I realised and so I prefered to cook all my own food. I found it hard at the start to really cut back on going to cafes and out for lunch but I saved a lot of money. 


When I move out I'm planning on selling a lot of my stuff so i can start afresh. I think moving out of home and into your own place is a great oppertunity for this! You can decorate your house how you want and really make it your own, special place. This is the number one thing I'm looking forward to when I finally move out! 


When I moved overseas, I did find it hard at first because everything was new. I didn't have my friends. i didn't have mum there to cook dinner. I didn't know the area. I think it's super important to find an activity to do like joining a sporting team or whatever interests you so you can get to know new people and feel part of the community. 


Have fun!! 


Re: Moving out and starting a new job

hey @delicatedreamer how exciting! good on you for getting a job and taking it, that would of been pretty scary seeing it would mean youd have to move out a while away from your family.


I have recently moved out about four months ago and i love it! i thought i would be so lost and miss my fam heaaaaaaaaaaps to the point of being sad quite a bit but suprisingly it has been much easier than i anticipated.

The feeling of being independent is pretty great and being the boss of your house is cool!


Will you be moving in with others?


I totally agree about going to op shops and $2 stores for nearly every household item ever!

I moved out with my boyfriend and his sister so by the time we raided all the extras in both our families kitchens, went to some op shops and cheap stores we had more than enough stuff to cook up a storm and bits and bobs to furnish the place too Smiley Happy


Are you excited!? What kind of job are going there for if i can ask?

Im excited for you!!


I suppose the only other tips I have would be skype or ring your rents as much as you want! dont feel like you have to do it all alone.. i still call my mum to ask what temp the oven should be on to cook certain things etc!

Also, remember that its your place! If you want to put a vase of flowers in every room then do it! If hanging up photos in every room makes you happy then do it ! (or maybe buy the hooks that you can just pull the tab and remove if you are renting hehe)

Dont be scared to live in the old fashioned world where you actually pop over and introduce yourself to the neighbours (do many people do this anymore?)

If you are in a new area or living alone it can be handy to know the people around incase you need a heads up about whens bin night or anything else



Smiley Very HappySmiley Very HappySmiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy  yayyy to new things!!!




Re: Moving out and starting a new job

Thank you so much guys for all of your replies, I really appreciate it!


@Bay52VU Thanks for your reply Smiley Happy. I'm just after general tips I guess, like how to save money, how to get into a good routine/save time/ get used to doing things I haven't done before (e.g. prepping all of my own meals), how to integrate into a new community, and also how to cope with such a big change (because I'm feeling a lot of anxiety about it).


@jvkn Thank you! And thanks for the GR links, I knew we would have done some but I wasn't sure which ones so I'll check those out Smiley Happy


@KitKat Thanks! Oh yeah, visiting op/cheap shops is a great idea and I always forget about it - thanks for the tip! There's a Daiso about an hour from where I'm living now but none where I'm moving unfortunately Smiley Sad, it's a great shop - I wish there was one where I'm moving to because it would be really handy!


@sammysammy16 Yeah I definitely am looking forward to the independence, it'll be nice to have a bit more control over my life Smiley Happy. Prepping food on the weekend is a great idea! I reckon I will be pretty tired from the new job so that will help me out heaps - thanks for sharing Smiley Happy. I love going out to cafes and stuff like that too and I'm not looking forward to having to cut back on that either Smiley Sad. Oh well! Yes!! I'm looking forward to decorating my room sooo much Smiley Very Happy, I've already started planning what it will look like! Thanks for the tip about getting involved in a community activity too - I'm not really sure what's in available in the new place but I'll definitely have a look around for something Smiley Happy


@hartley_ Thanks, yeah it was a really hard decision, but it is amazing job that I just could not turn down so I'm being brave!! I'm glad to hear that you've found it easier than you expected, I am worried that I will be lost without my family too. I'm moving in with a relative (second cousin) who I know from when I was younger which will be good. I am swinging between excited and terrified haha, but I am mostly excited Smiley Very Happy. My job is as an occupational therapist and I'm moving there for a job working with children with disabilities which is something I'm really interested in so I think I will really enjoy it Smiley Happy. Thanks for all of your tips, they were really helpful to read Smiley Happy