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Moving out of home for the first time.

Hey everyone!

I was wondering if anyone had any stories about when they first moved out of home?

I technically have moved out of home, but I moved in with my boyfriend's family, so it kind of doesn't count.. haha. I'm just curious as to other peoples experiences with renting for the first time.

So does anyone want to share their moving out experience? What complications did you have? Did you move in with friends? What were the good and bad points of living away from your family? 
Just anything you wish to share Smiley Happy

And if you haven't moved out of your parents house yet, what are your plans??

Thanks guys! 



Re: Moving out of home for the first time.

I really relished the opportunity to be independent, so I moved out at the first opportunity I had — but only once I knew I could afford it. 

So i moved out at 19, once I had a steady full-time job, but I didn't move far. I moved in with a couple of friends I made through work.


I think my biggest issue was that I didn't have any good skills that helped with the workload of managing a house. I was always a very tidy person but I didn't like to vacuum or do dishes, I didn't know how to cook, and I wasn't a good housemate in some ways. I always paid my rent and bills on time, though.


But I made an effort! And I was lucky that my housemate, who was a couple of years older and had lived out of home for about 5 years by that stage, was quite open and polite with advice and criticism.


Something I learned to understand is that people come from lots of different household environments and they all have different ways of doing things — and everyone thinks their way of doing something is the right way and the only way!

For example, I believe in making as little mess as possible while cooking. I clean as I go and I actively do whatever I can to make as little mess as possible, even if it means something takes me longer. My partner, however, believes that you can make as big a mess as you like because you can always just clean it up at the end. Both approaches have their benefits but the results are different. My food is not as delicious as hers; the kitchen needs a full crime scene clean-up crew after she cooks.

And yet, with my previous partner, I was considered the messy one.



So, my point is, be understanding of the people you're living with and what experiences they bring to a house. Remember that you're sharing the house, so, apart from some basic rules of respect that you should all have agreed to (e.g. don't leave anything dirty in the kitchen sink), everyone has a different approach to their homes and it's important that you each respect and understand that. Don't expect things to be as peachy as they are at home with mum & dad; moving out is liberating because you can live by your own rules, but you also have to live by the rules of whomever else you choose to live with!


Re: Moving out of home for the first time.

This is a great thread @Rhelna 


I am moving out next year and I am so scared and excited all at the same time. My plan is to move to a different state, stay with family for a maximum of 3months and then get a job, a car and stay at a shared home just to make it a bit easier on me. 


I am looking forward to hearing everyone's experiences Smiley Happy 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Moving out of home for the first time.

Hey @Rhelna 


Good question! 


I think the most important thing about moving out with friends is that you need to know about their personality beforehand and whether or not you think you will clash. If you are moving in with strangers it is a bit different, as you will probably be moe polite to each other and try to make a good impression. With friends however, you already feel more comfortable to express what you are really feeling with one another, so you are probably more likely to speak your mind.


For me, I have a great group of about 6 really close girlfriends who I spend time with all the time. But I know already that there is only about two of them that I would be able to live with. Not because my other friends are rude or we don't get along, but I just know that stuff they do now would frustrate me if we were living together. For example, one of my best friends is really unorganised and messy and loses her belongings all the time. As friends we always laugh about it and make jokes about it, but I think if I were to live with her it would be so different. This is because I am extremely organised and neat, so it would really frustrate me to have a messy bathroom or kitchen or any shared living space. I would also hate if she lost my stuff that she may have been using in the house. 


Another thing to work out is finances. One of my friends has had a really tough time this year with her room mates because two of the people in the house are quite flexible whilst one is extremely "tight" with her money. So the two more easy-going ones would ordinarily be happy to share groceries and take it in turns cooking for everyone, whereas the other friend wanted to keep each person's groceries seperate, and would only cook for herself with her own groceries etc. Now this is fair enough to be very money conscious, but I think it is important to lay it all out on the table, so to speak, at the beginning, so that everyone can decide how things will be split and what works best for everyone. Because you don't want to lose friendships over money!


Now, I've only really mentioned negative experiences here but I also have had and know many people who have had great experiences moving out! And I think that is because communication is the key, being assertive whilst respectful to those you live with so that you can live harmoniously! 


Gabi Smiley Happy



Re: Moving out of home for the first time.

Hey  @Rhelna 


I have so many moving stories! I moved out of my parents house when I was 19... It wasnt down the street or the next suburb, I moved all the way to a different state. I really just decided one week that I would book a flight, stay in friend of a friends spare room and make a super big change.


It totally changed my life!


I didnt really know anyone and didnt have a job, was running out of cash and living on mi goreng noodles and cups of tea for longer than I'd like to admit, but I was determined. In the end I got a great job and met some awesome people and I've been here for three years and love it Smiley Happy I have moved to six different houses in that time though for all sorts of reasons so there were a few rough patches but on the whole I love living away from home!


I learnt so much about myself over these last few years from moving out... I learnt that I am only good at cooking three things (spaghetti bolognese, chicken salad and mi goreng obvs) I learnt that there are some very messy people in this world, and I learnt how important it was to try and surround myself with things and people that make me happy. I made my home my happy place and I think that's really important if you are planning on moving out, try to find somewhere that you can be comfortable and happy, and know that it may take a few house and housemate changes but it's worth it in the end.


A few cheeky tips for anyone planning to move out:

- Cleaning rosters arent always necessary but make sure you're not constantly the one who has to clean the toot!

- Always have tea stocked in the pantry... A cup of tea has gotten me through some of the roughest of days.

- Get to know your potential housemates before you move in with them if you can... Bonus points if they think cleaning is a good therapy tool and their hobbies include baking, minus points if they're 'not really into showers'.

- Familiarize yourself with what you're entitled to as a tenant. Those real estate agencies can be a bit painful to deal with sometimes but if you know your rights and what they are obligated to help you with in your home, it makes getting things changed and fixed much easier and quicker.

- Have a bit of spare cash saved up and stashed in case something comes up (eg. unexpected bill, broken kettle)

- Moving out can be so liberating and fun so enjoy yoself! Smiley Happy




Re: Moving out of home for the first time.

When I finally start renting, the plan is to move in with my boyfriend and my brother, though it'll be a while away, so end of next year probably. I'll at least know my housemates habits, as I've lived with both my boyfriend and brother before. The thing that worries me most is how we'll cope financially.

@Lex  One thing that I struggled with initially when I moved in with my boyfriend was adjusting to the new households cleaning habits and routines. My family's routine was VASTLY different from what my boyfriends family did. It took a while to get used to.


@ruenhonx Good luck with your moving experience! Sounds like a good plan, and a very exciting prospect! 

@Gabi I think we'll all get along when I move out, but finances are my biggest worry :/ 

@chelsb Wow, that's quite a big change! I'm glad it all worked out for you! Thanks for the tips too Smiley Happy


Re: Moving out of home for the first time.

Hi @Rhelna !


For me, the biggest things were:


1. The cost of living! When living with my parents I gave my mum 10% of my pay every week, and after paying for petrol and my phone bill would spend the rest of my pay on clothes, makeup, entertainment etc. When I eventually moved out of home, the real cost of living was a very unwanted surprise! You have to consider every little thing you will need to pay for: bills, rent/mortgage, groceries, pet supplies (something I didn't plan well for), phone use and car use (including registration, insurance and servicing fees). I'd suggest setting up a separate bank account for 'emergencies' such as car accidents, pet illness, unexpected trips away etc, and suggest adding to it every week. I also found that I am no longer in a situation where I'm able to go to the movies, out to meals and shopping with friends constantly due to limited finances, which was a bit depressing to start with. I'd plan some at home activities that you can do with friends to avoid feeling isolated and embarrassed like I did when I couldn't go out with friends as much anymore.


2. Homesickness. Even though I still live in the same town as my parents I found myself missing living with them and wanting Mums guidance for situations my boyfriend isn't very well at dealing with! Maybe you could make a set time/method of communication to ensure you have regular contact with your parents/siblings/other relatives if you start to get homesick. Also bear in mind that your family will probably miss you so make the effort to contact them regularly to thank them for all they ever did for you Smiley Happy


3. Cooking. Upon leaving home I was able to bake a huge variety of desserts... But my actual cooking skills were somewhat lacking! I had to adopt the 'fake it till you make it approach' to trick my boyfriend into believing that I was a great cook! I had plenty of mishaps along the way but am now a lot more capable. I'd suggest practicing cooking meals for others before you move out, and perhaps investing in some cooking books suited to your level so you always have a resource to go to if you get stuck.


I hope this has helped!


Re: Moving out of home for the first time.

I moved out of home some time ago as my home was not very stable during my younger years.


I will talk about the time I wanted to move out however,


I moved in with my partner and scruffy(Shadow) about 2 months. She was very worried at first as she was still living with her mother. However I knew it was going to be fine Smiley Happy. So yer we are renting a house togeather we found one with a big back yard for shadow. All and all its good, I mean we have our qerks. But it helps allot to remember we are both imperfect such is being human.


The main thing living with anyone is having compassion and understanding for yourself and others.





Re: Moving out of home for the first time.

Yeah,  it sucks if you feel that you have to move out of home before your ready. For me I was definitely excited and terrified at the same time. As a child carer growing up I was already pretty independent so i never really had any problems with budgeting paying bills and looking after a household. ( I bought a house when i was 18 but lived with my ex)


When my ex and i split up i became a boomarang kid (had to move back in with rellys for a while) which really sucked because i was so use to being in charge. Now i've moved out to my house in the country. I found the first few months really difficult as i had just started a new job and  didn't know anyone in town. If i needed to buy things sometimes i would get confused because i didn't know where to find them. I went to do classes at tafe just so i was out of the house and not so isolated. It was really difficult because i find it hard to be in large groups. Now that im more settled i've gotten to love the quietness of living in the country and the friendliness of everyone living here.


  I still find that there are things that i have no knowledge about certain things so my best advise is to ask!!! friends family collegues profesionals, whoever you think has the answer. (I also google/youtube alot)


Re: Moving out of home for the first time.

Hello everyone, I live in Eastern Europe, I am going to move to Canada,Its my first time moving. And a question: I have a lot of good things, and I want them to carry in the container. How to carry them in Canada?Friends advised to use a truck like this . Someone moved to Canada, can share experiences?