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Moving out!

Ive recsntly started a new job which is going great, im getting plenty of shifts and earning heaps from those shifts. Im a nurse so my work will always be shifts at weird times but i prefer the earlier starts and early finishes, i cant see myself in a 9-5 job.

Im a casual at the moment but can request to be put onto part time or full time in January.


Now that im earning pretty much what my mum is earning, shes been bringing up the idea of me moving out soon. Shes been asking if ive started looking, if ive viewed any properties, if ive applied for any. Im starting to get the hint she wants me out asap and tbh, i want to be out asap! 


Im just worried that i wouldnt be able to afford it though. Thats my only concern.

I already have 2 weeks rent saved away which i havent needed to touch, i know how to budget. I would have about $850 left over each fortnight once i take rent, car loan, phone bill, insurance and groceries. Is that enough? 



Re: Moving out!

Hey @SakuraN,

Congratulations on the new job, so awesome to hear it's going well!

Moving out sounds like an big, but exciting step for you! Do you have any friends that have moved out recently? Is it possible to talk to them about how they've gone affording this and see if they have any tips or tricks? Or maybe if you and your mum are earning a similar amount, as you said, could she have any tips or advice on moving out?

Everybody has different things in their budgets/different things to save for etc, so it would be difficult to say what 'enough' is, but it definitely seems like you've taken into account some of those big expenses that come up.

Congratulations again on the job, please do keep us up to date on how you're going with the house hunting/budgeting!

Re: Moving out!

Hey @SakuraN, well done on the new job! Smiley Happy That's so exciting!

There's definitely a lot to keep in mind when you leave home, and even though it seems like you've planned things out really carefully, it can still feel pretty daunting doing something so unknown. ReachOut actually has a really good article called "Moving out of home" which takes you through things to keep in mind beforehand, like budgeting (which you already aced Smiley Wink), and how to adjust to living out of home after you move out. It might be worth checking out! 
I think @Sunflower18's idea to ask friends you know who've already moved out for advice is super helpful! Would you want to save a bit before moving out or are you more keen to get started straight away?

We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: Moving out!

Hi @SakuraN


Congratulations on your new job! How exciting! Moving out is equally exciting!


Each to their own. $850 per fortnight is plenty for me to live off of but it might not be for you. You might like expensive food, go out to eat or party that others might not do. Meaning you would need more money. If you just live a pretty modest then it should be enough if all the other bills are paid for. 


I personally would save up more before I would move out. Two weeks rent saved is no way near enough considering they would be asking you for a bond and that would varies from a week rent to a month upfront. 


Also another thing to consider is that how much money you would get if the shifts are reduced since you're a casual. You don't want to move back in with your parents after moving out haha. I suggest you save as much money as you can until you mum pretty much kicks you out. You would be much better knowing you have things covered for a few weeks or months than having to worry about the financial side of things!


Good luck!