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My ball hurt, plz help

Help they itch bad, crabs maybe...

Re: My ball hurt, plz help

Hey @Ballmuncher

Sounds very uncomfortable, sorry you're experiencing this. It's a good idea to get discomfort around the genitals checked out by a GP so you can find out what's going on, is this something you would feel comfortable doing?

We've got an article here about sexually transmitted infections, what to look for and how to get help. The article also contains links to specific infections if you wanted to learn more.


Another option is to contact a sexual health clinic near you. This website has a tool that allows you to search for sexual health services across Australia so you can find one that is local to you. A number of clinics are offering telehealth appointments at the moment as well due to covid19 if that is easier for you. 


I hope you're able to find the support you need Smiley Happy 

Re: My ball hurt, plz help

hi @Ballmuncher sorry to hear about whats happening, going to speak to your gp sounds like a really good idea.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: My ball hurt, plz help

Hi @Ballmuncher 


I would definitely go get that checked. Don't feel embarrassed at all to do so.


Good luck !

Re: My ball hurt, plz help

@Ballmuncher definitely see a doctor or check out your local sexual health clinic- we can help you work out what option may be the best for you and how to seek out the service safely in the time of COVID-19 too, if you like.