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My best friend, should I make him more

I'm a little confused, my (guy) best friend I'm a girl btw. My best friend was flirting with someone else when I had a boyfriend and he didn't turn up to most nights at ventures. Now that I broke up with my boyfriend my best friend instantly started flirting with me when we were alone. I've liked him for a few years but I never said anything becasue I didn't want to ruin the friendship.


We've been friends for 5 years and I've known he started to like me about the same time I fell for him. I know if we do go out it would be a healthy relationship because we know each others strenghths and weaknesses and we already feel confortable around each over. However I don't want the relationship to feel awkward, but I feel as though if I wait much longer he'll find someone else.


He's always been there for me; when I broke up he asked me what went down. I told him what happened and he sayed I dederve better than that, he also said there was a chance for us to be more than friends. His parents and brother have always liked me from the start. His little brother of about 12 keeps hinting that we should be going out by now.


I've been weighing it up for a while and I think it's worth it. Would it be right for me to kiss him on the lips at venturer camp when he's alone so he knows I want to be more than friends?


Re: My best friend, should I make him more

hi @Hicks


Ill start this reply by saying- definately follow your heart and intuition on this one.


The overall idea im getting from your message is that you do want to explore things  with your bestfriend a bit further.  Am I getting the right idea? 


To touch on some personal experience- There definately have been times for me where transitioning from friendship to a relationship had sortof changed the friendship which sucked at the time. But not something I regret in the long term. Its all part of living and learning.

I think its taking these little risks while we are younger that helps us find learn about ourselfs and others - which is heaps helpful when your older and things start getting more serious!


Again, do whats going to be right for you personally.


Hopefully other people have some good suggestions also!

Re: My best friend, should I make him more

Thanks @Troy


Re: My best friend, should I make him more

Hey @Hicks! I just wanted to start by saying that no one else can make the decision whether you should kiss your friend or not - only you can! 


It sounds like you've thought about it a lot and aren't just acting on impulse, which is a really smart and mature way to approach the situation. Sometimes a relationship is spawned from a friendship and it can make 2 people become even closer. I definitely agree with @Troy that following your heart and intuition is the best way to make this type of decision. Smiley Happy




Re: My best friend, should I make him more

Your story is so close to mine, @Hicks! I think you should work through this okay, and I'm sure things will work out fine. You both are simimlar in age and young, so yes, do find out if you are compatible, and share similar interests and beliefs in life.

This also worked for me @Troy, you have to follow your heart on this one. Only then will you find out what's right for you.

Relationships are definitely important. My own best friend has always been a support for me, and we've gone through some rough patches, but learning to support each other through it is what life is all about.

And don't worry, us girls have to value ourselves and all good things will come to you.

Keep being true to yourself and your goals.




Re: My best friend, should I make him more

Thanks @fudgepup I'm actually about 5 months older than him btw and I think I'll just give it space