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Re: My friend is changing in a bad way

@drhalloween it's great to hear you have your friends to bounce off and it feels therapeutic for you Smiley Happy 

It really does depend on what makes you feel comfortable, and if you feel there is too much toxicity in the relationship in that he won't change his new ways, then I definitely support you in the decision to keep your distance. Every friendship takes effort, and honestly, if he is so set in his ways, and if it bothers you, then sometimes it is not worth holding on to. 

I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way about your high school friends, exclusion can really be hurtful as @May_mentioned. But I think it shows a lot of proactivity to immerse yourself in university instead to meet new people and form new relations, and as you said, allow for the natural separation to happen. It is awesome that you are finding the whole experience more fulfilling, and I hope it continues to be that way for you Smiley Very Happy 


I think it's great that you have made it so you only see your old friend when you hang out with your high school group. Since dealing with him on his own remains a stressor, can I ask what strategies you currently use to avoid a one-on-one conversation with him? No one deserves to feel drained from a conversation.