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Need help with how I'm feeling about someone

I need some help understanding my feelings towards a guy I've been hanging out with for the last couple months,  but i was in a long 5year relationship that was abusive physically, mentally , social and financial, I have been going to counselling made some friends, I have no family around for emotional support so I went online seeking a companion to help with the lonlyness, I've never been in love with someone or had a crush ,relationships for me have formed on bad terms and I got stuck in 2 types of abusive relationships. Now I am out of it all I wanted to do my own thing not have kids do some training at Tafe or even get my learners, but since I've met this guy I feel like my feelings are changing he is kind ,caring and wants to see me and be around me and likes how I want to change from my passed and become more independent, his age is hugely different to mine but it doesn't seem to be a concern for me at all.  


He compliments me and makes me feel so happy,  I'm not big on expressing emotions and feelings I'm finding it difficult to understand if it's because of what I've been through that it's helping the lonlyness or if I am forming feelings for him but I don't want to jump to conclusions.


Anyone have some suggestions or questions ?


Re: Need help with how I'm feeling about someone

Hey there @xGummieDollx and welcome to ReachOut! Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear that you've had abusive relationships in the past, it can be really difficult to get out of and move on from those kinds of relationships. It's great to hear that you've been going to counseling and made some friends, have you spoken to them about how you've been feeling recently?


Wanting to go to tafe and get your learners sound like excellent goals, are they still something you want to do? It's okay to pursue your own goals while still having feelings or liking someone else. Feelings can be confusing and hard to understand at the best of times. It can help to talk them over with someone you know, what do you think?



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