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Nervous about a trip away

Hi guys,


Over New Year's I'm going away with my boyfriend and a group of his friends. The problem is that I don't really know any of them and it's making me get really anxious. He assures me they are all nice and I'll get along well with them but I still get nervous about the new situation, especially as we'll be away so I can't just leave and go home if I get uncomfortable.


I'm looking forward to getting away and I think (hope) that once I'm there it's easier, but right now it's not a good feeling.


Any tips for now and when I meet everyone? And any tips for if I get super self-conscious and awkward when I'm there? 

Re: Nervous about a trip away

Hey rt262! 

I too, like you, get abit paranoid if i have to spend time with people i dont really know. Honestly speaking i think everyone does because we as humans somehow are programmed to expect the worst. I think if you just be yourself and enjoy the time with your boyfriend and his friends you'll be fine. Smiley Happy Remember it's a bit of break for you so try not to over think it and just relax on your time away. 

If you happen to feel uncomfortable maybe just try to take yourself away from that particular environment and let your boyfriend know and you could spend some time alone. Also try getting to know the people ask questions, show interest in them so they too feel comfortable around you. Once the icebreaker happens i think it'll definitely be easier and you'll enjoy your time. 



Re: Nervous about a trip away

I used to feel the same about my boyfriends friends when I first met them but then when I got to know them better I realised hey, they are all really nice just like him and thats why they are all friends!


Also dont forget that they are just people the same as anyone else, they will probably be worried about what you will think of them and the impressions they are making too


Just be yourself and go with the flow! Im sure you will have heaps of fun and it will be one of those times where you are like why the hell did I even worry at alllllll about this!


Smiley Very Happy

Re: Nervous about a trip away

That awesome that you get to go away for a while with your boyfriend. I wish mine would get off the couch and turn of the cricket for a change!

I hope that you are/have enjoyed your New Years with your boyfriend and his friends!

" Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!"

Re: Nervous about a trip away

Thanks for the replies guys.


@hartley_  you were so right, these people are friends with by boyfriend because they get along so well and so did I. Thanks for the support,  once I got there it was no where near as scary as I worried beforehand. I need to try to remember that for next time!


@Kirdybirdy A trip to the cricket perhaps? haha!