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I am 17 almost 18 in three months. I have a vast amount of friends but I feel as though none of them understand me, I believe I am more mature than them and they often do not agree with me. I always get shut down, forgotten about and treated as though I have done something wrong. Not all my friends are like this but when I have to put up with it I do feel less motivated to be with those that are nice enough.


I have many interests, I’m obsessed with movies and television shows. I overly fond of Doctor Who, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Indiana Jones and Star Wars (basically anything Disney does but those three are the main ones) the DC Film Universe, Jurassic Park and Star Trek. There really is not many film universes I don’t like. I’m not much of a gamer but I will always buy each Pokémon game that comes out. I love collecting Pokémon Trading Card Game cards and love LEGO but I don’t buy as much as I’d like. 


Outside of television I love drama and other performing arts. I would like to be an actor in the future and being obsessed with TV is a start. I also have similar opinions on music, I just about like anything but I prefer more older music from the 70s to early 2000s. Cold Chisel and any Australian Band I will always enjoy listening to. I also like The Alan Parsons Project, Mike Oldfield, Ariana Grande, Fleet Foxes and Tim Minchin. I consider myself a good singer but my friends never allow me the chance to sing in their presence. 


I suffer with anxiety and had to leave what I was doing due to panic attacks during my first year at high school (2015) but have since then seeked psychological advice and can control it. I will always have anxiety but it does not affect me as much.


I am not very good with academics especially towards maths, I have dyscalculia which is a disibility for working mathematical concepts out. I love animals and want to help out the environment so I’m studying year 12 biology at school but with dyscalculia it does give me a bit more difficulty than I would have. 


I generally make myself busy like watch my favourite movie franchises or listen and sing to music, go for a walk but loneliness goes creep back to me. I can be having a great time and it will still get to me along with anxiety. Another thing that goes affect me is when my friends get into relationships, they always seem to find it easy. I have been rejected many times and while I am not really fussed whether I get into one or not because I do have plenty of time in live for one, I still feel sexual desires. There truely is “No aphrodisiac like loneliness” because no matter how hard I try to not think about it, being a young adult is difficult and it is hard to conceal these feelings especially when you see your friends having fun and you are still a virgin. 


Most of these feelings I get will not last but during this year I will have to put up with it, I am in my final school year so it won’t be too long but for now. I would like to chat to people who are in similar situations to me and make me feel I truely am not alone in this.

Thanks for ready this and I hope you get a better understanding of me as a person!

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Wow @Zygared_Master. There is a 'Introduce yourself' page, on RO. I have the same problem with my "friends" too. Except that I've made some new ones. I hope that you can work your way up into making that motivation happen, then I think that you'll feel a lot happier.
I am always here for you, If you need to chat about something. Just tag me, and I will try reply ASAP. Be aware that I have school, from 8:40AM till 2:40PM.
I hope your friendship situation improves, sending hugs!

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Thanks @xXLexi_Lou122Xx, will do, I believe chatting is the best thing for me that’s why I joined today haha.

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Lol. I'm about to post an art piece for you. Brb!

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Thanks for introducing yourself, @Zygarde_Master! We're glad to have you on the forums. Smiley Happy

It sounds like you're really aware of what's going on for you and the things that help, which is great.

Feel free to connect to other users by responding to different threads. I know there are several users who would have a similar taste to you when it comes to film and music.

What do you reckon about that?

In regards to the Marvel franchise, I recently watched Captain Marvel and loved it! Smiley Happy   

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

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Captain Marvel was so good! 

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I'm not allowed to watch those movies!!!! Smiley Sad I'm turning 14 soon, and I still can't watch that stuff. But then again, I don't like movies either...


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Hi @Zygarde_Master! Welcome to the forums! I love your username! I love Pokemon too! I have played every Pokemon generation. I'm excited for the new ones coming out on the Switch! Are you?

I think it's really cool that you're interested in drama and want to be an actor! I love watching plays and musicals. I used to love singing too but I haven't really done sung in a while.

I'm sorry to hear about your friendship situation. That sounds really tough. Smiley Sad Regarding your experiences of rejection, you're definitely not alone and you're still young. There is still plenty of time to find someone who really cares about you. Smiley Happy

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Thank you @WheresMySquishy for the reply. I love Pokémon so much haha, I became a fan during the release of Pokémon Black and White back in 2011. I was 10 at the time and I got Black. I’m exited for Pokémon Sword and Shield. I would like to get Shield because it reminds me of S.H.I.E.L.D. from Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is one of my favourite shows.


Whwt types of plays and musicals do you enjoy?

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Why are you not allowed to watch that stuff @xXLexi_Lou122Xx.?